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IN Austin!!

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Just wanted to let you all know that we made it to Austin safe and sound! HI JELLY! Hope to see you around!...hehe...Have a great weekend everyone! We are going to go find something to eat now!
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Woohoo! Have a great time!
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Glad you made it okay. Have a great time while you are there
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Wooohoo!!! It'll be a bit cooler in the afternoon, due to a coldfront blowing through
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Just checking in! Here are some great pics from this morning/afternoon drive. We drove for 3 hours!

Here they are!


We are off to dinner at one the guy's house, and partying afterwards!
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State meet? What's up with the cool cars? I'm going to drool if you say you're a car racer! 6th street partying? Woohooo!!!
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Okay, cold front finally blew in!!! Sorry about that! Wish it was cooler earlier during you meet. Anyhow, it's 64 right now and will be pretty nice tomorrow also. Get some icecream at Amy's or MarbleSlab if you can.
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Wow cool photos. Candie I hope you're having fun!
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Yes!! Both my husband and I are racers! He has the 2002 Subaru WRX. The State Meet happens every year in October, last year it was in Houston. This year we had 23 Subbies! We took 1431 to Marble Falls this afternoon, talk about some windy roads! You should know, you can see the picks...the funny thing is...I got sunburned on my right arm...they were all laughing at me ( I am so white!!)! We decided to end the meet tonight (just my husband and I) because we need to visit family tomorrow. BUT! It was the best state meet ever! We will download the rest of the pics once we get home tomorrow night or sometime on Monday. Jelly, the weather is so perfect...we all had to wear our jackets because we started to freeze our butties off! I am so exhausted though! It was awesome!What part of Austin do you live in Jelly? My sister-in-law lives near Riverside...OH! We were going to go down to 6th St. but we are too exhausted. We are both on our laptops right now sitting next to each other in the hotel room...it's hilarious. Well, Goodnight everyone! Hope everybody had a great Saturday!!
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Austin is a GREAT city! I'm from San Antonio, and if I ever move back to Texas, it will be to Austin.
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