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This is not my first rodeo. I have a 3 year old baby that got pregnant just before she turned 1. She gave me 7 kittens right after Christmas. i still have a pic somewhere of her fat butt under the tree pregnant... She was an easy pregnant cat. We didn't know she was pregnant until we were watching New Moon before we went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 (that tells you how long ago it was lol) but we felt the babies move and watched her belly grow for weeks. The person i got Monkey from told me that she puts up a play pen in a bedroom with baby mama and lets her have at it. So taking that, i got a play pen set it up and within 3 weeks we woke up to a sound of a baby screaming. :) we found monkey trying to deliver the second kitten and seen our first baby which we named junior after his late aunt that died on thanksgiving day (Bitsey was Monkey"s sister and junior was mirror image of Bitsey!) We had to help monkey deliver. She was too weak to get the babies out herself so when she got them out far enough we grabbed and helped. she was a wonderful mommy! he is spayed now and thank God cannot have anymore...


On to Callie. Callie and my mothers boy, Grey Spot, got tangled up 67 days ago as of today. Her belly is huge and shes very needy. Monkey was never this way. About 5 days ago, my mom found her soaking wet from tail to floor. She said it was sticky and did not have any odor whatsoever. I was at work but i assumed it was her mucus plug. she began licking and doing a crazy meow. I'm worried because now my mom told me earlier tonight that she has bloody discharge coming out and wants to be rubbed and loved on. Monkey was so independent we don't know what to do about Callie being so clingy. Mom just texted me again and said that she will have them this morning and that she has become secretive and trying to hide in the closets. She also said that the babies seem to be dropping more to her hoo-hoo now and shes got clear liquid coming out. 


I'm sorry but i'm at work and not with my baby while shes going through all this... her nanny is with her but not me. i'm just one scared mommy right now!


this is my Gray Spot. 



this is my Callie! 


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If she still wants to be rubbed, please do so!  It helps her in her beginning stages of labor.


Otherwise, I think it is ok, proceeding normally.


I will attach some links in a moment.


Here they are....   Good luck!



One from this site:    ( This is a link to a group of articles on cat pregnancy, birth and kittens.   Read the ones on normal cat birth and on " when to wait and when to worry"  )

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