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My vet said....

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Hi all,

Took a neighborhood stray to the vet today to be neutered. When I picked him up, my vets assistant told me that it would take about six weeks for the neuter to be effective. She was not talking about reproduction but rather about his hormones balancing out and his behavior becoming milder.

This was news to me and I just wondered if anyone else had ever been told that. I looked up 'neutered pets' on the net and couldn't find anything about this particular subject.

I just had two stray males neutered hoping they will leave my females alone and now find out it will take six weeks for them to leave my kitties alone according to this vet. Since one of them has moved in, six weeks is a long time.

I will continue to have males neutered to prevent unwanted babies but I was just curious since this was the first I had heard this.
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Well, yes and no. If you have males done around 6 months and they have never started some of the manley behavior you wouldnt notice a difference. They just grow up calm and such. If they have already shown these behaviors then yes it can take 6 weeks or sometimes longer to settle down.
As far as going after females. Some neutered males..even if neutered at 4 to 6 months will still mount a female in heat. They generally don't try if there's all spayed females around.
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Hey Sandie:

What about long ago (at 6 mos.) neutered males mounting other neutered males? A few months ago, Squirt was all over Joey every time the poor little guy stood still. It has since stopped, but I thought it was weird.
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That really sounds reasonable, Sandie.

The vet said Stubby (found kitty) was about 4 years old. The other one (the 'manly' one) is between 1 and 2 yrs. So...guess I'll be waiting at least 6 weeks for progress. In the meantime Stubby can be getting used to being here with my girls.

Neutered males mounting neutered males....what next??? Gotta love em.

Thanks for the input.
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hmmm, Deb,

you may just have an 'alternative lifestyle' kitty on your hands

not that there's anything wrong with that!!
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My hats off to you for having strays neutered. That can be an expensive situation. My vet here charges $38 for that and $68 for females, doesn't count for any shots etc.
Like I say, I'm proud of you.

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You know, for some reason male cats sometimes have a prefrence for other males. Just ask Rene about her whole male Merlot..LOL. Some cats are more active in that area than others. I would guess that about 95% of the time if you get them snipped before the hormones kick in, they never know what "spring time" is.
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AP: I've told Squirt that very same thing! He is pretty neat, but at the same time, he hates the vacuum.
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It is a little expensive to have the kitties fixed but actually a little cheaper than where you are. Here, it is 27.00 for males and 59.00 for females. So far we've had 2 females spayed and 3 males neutered over a period of almost 2 years.

I'm just learning how important this is and when I read that 20 million pets are euthanized each year, it breaks my heart.
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Hi Everyone...

About 15 years ago probably more, but I hate thinkin that far back..yikes really marks my age! Anyway, the vets started a low cost vaccine and rabies clinic. Well at that time, my boss threw this program to me and said...Here you're now the Director for the Animal Control Division..."I SAID,"WHAT" !!! So, it's there where I began a lot of training for understanding animals, but worse...human behavior, getting back to the subject matter...I saw the homeless animals and so much sick behaviour from so called humans, that I started to talk with the Humane Society and different animal associations around my community. We all got together along with a vet and now, the vets are helping the community by a low cost spay and neutor clinic $15 for the males and $20 for females. And NO COST for ferals!!! You have to apply at the Animal Birth Control Association, and they set up appts! So..this has been a wonderful program, the vets are more than happy to contribute because of so many variables...less disease, lower the population kitty's especially the ferals etc... I'm sure it's good for people to see that they give back to the community too. What a wonderful world we live if we all work together towards a common goal.

Although there were many emotionally painful times while working with Animal Control; it was a time in my life I shall cherish forever.

Love &
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What a blessing YOU are! I've read a lot of your posts.

I'll check with the two local vets but my town is so small, I'm not going to hold my breath. I will also check with Aberdeen, Wash. It's a lot bigger and they have a PAWS (its about 25 miles away).

It can really get expensive so any help is appreciated.

I'll bet you saw some horrible human behavior. It's hard to comprehend the mentality that permits such things.
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Just a question. Why is spaying female cats and dogs more expensive then males? I always thought it was the males that are more?
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A female cat is spayed, this means that her ovaries and uterus will be removed.

A male cat is neutered - this is the surgical removal of the testicles. This is a very simple procedure (much simpler than being spayed) and therefore much cheaper.

Hope this answers your question.
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Dearest Gap :angel2:

Trust me, I thank you ever so humbly for such a compliment and I would like to tell you more if you so desire regarding on how that was done...if you'd like or if anyone would like to know, since there was so much involved. Please don't hesitate to let me know, you can email me okay...cause there sure would be a lot more wonderful days ahead of us knowing that we have prevented any further cruelty in this world...

Love &
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