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I wanted to post this pic because as much as I love my boys I still miss my Smokey. This is my favorite photo of her because it really captures the way she used to look at me.

Love you Smokey & you'll always be my only sunshine
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Smoky was so beautiful.

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aww very nice. Thanks for sharing Smokey's picture.
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She was a beautiful kitty, that was an endearing look indeed.
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She was absolutely beuatiful!
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Smokey was beautiful, and she had such soulful eyes.
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what a pretty cat.
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Smokey was a very beautiful cat and she almost looks like my Fluff .
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: Beautiful
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She was quite stunning. Thank you for sharing her with us.
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I love those eyes!

She was beautiful!
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She looks like a cuddly kitty.
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Smokey was indeed a beauty. She'll look at you again that way, when you meet her at the Rainbow Bridge.
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:angel2: Beautiful kitty.Looks like she was a real sweetie.
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Oh, yeah -- that over-the-shoulder-besotted look!! What a love.
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