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Our Junior needs your good thoughts

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Hi there,

Just a quick post to ask for everyones good thoughts. Over the past few days Junior has been very unlike himself, not eating, drinking or playing, all he has been doing is sleeping. We brought home a new kitty a little while ago and we thought it would be a good for Junior you know a little buddy to play with. We thought he was acting like this because he was mad that we brought home another cat. Well we brought him to the vet today and he has a very high fever almost 41 degrees, he has ulcers in his mouth and on his tongue and he is kind of dehydrated, the vet said it could be a simple viral infection or feline lukemia(sp?) or even the feline version of A.I.D.S. He has to stay overnight at the vets while his bloodwork is being done, they are also going to give him antibiotics to try and get rid of the mouth uclers and to lower his fever, we are hoping this is all he needs. We will find out the results of his bloodwork tomorrow and we are praying that they don't find anything serious. I hope everyone can take a second out of their busy schedules to think of him and send him some good vibes. Thanks everyone for helping our I will let everyone know when we find out the results.
Here is a pic of our Baby
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Thinking of Junior, and sending *mega good vibes* his way.
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I am sorry this turned out to be health related after all. I hope your other kitty does not turn out to be the cause of Junior's problem a carrier of some viral infection. I will keep both cats in my prayers in the coming days.
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I'll be thinking about your baby.
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Sending positive vibes to Junior.
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Awwww.He is a doll.

Sending good vibes to you and both kitties.
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i'll be sending mega get well vibes for junior
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What a beauty

I also will say a prayer for your baby
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I'm sending out my prayers for him, also. I know how scary this waiting can be. I pray you get good news in the morning.
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Sending good vibes to Junior - I hope everything turns out OK.
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poor junior. he is a gorgeous one! I hope he is ok.
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What a handsome little guy! I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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We may have some good news (somewhat) about our kitties. We called the shelter that we got Chloe (the newest kitty)at. They said that a few of their cats have calicis. It is a virus which symptoms include ulcers on the tongue. They hurt so bad that the cat won't eat or drink anything. Their noses also get stuffed up and runny so they can't smell their food either. Junior's nose was ok but he certainly had ulcers in his mouth. Chloe's nose just started yesterday. Hopefully we caught them both in time to get them healed up quickly. The shelter said the virus lasts about 10 days. They both need antibiotics and syringe feeding till they get better. What an ordeal! All we wanted was to get Junior a little friend. Hopefully it will all be over soon and they can play. Has anyone else's kitty had calicis? It would be helpful if you could let us know what to expect. Thanks again for your well wishes. We will let you guys know how Junior's blood test come out. Poor little guy, in the past two years Junior has had UTD, fallen off our balcony (4 floors) and now this!!!
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I haven't the experience with calicis yet, But I'm sending some good vibes his way.
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He's beautiful! he looks like my cat precious that passed
away a couple of years ago
Sending good vibes for Junior
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Poor kitties! I hope they feel better soon.. and I'm glad its not FELV or FIV.
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Poor kitties! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll soon be well. I took care of a young cat infected with calicivirus two years ago - she also had ulcers on her tongue and rheumy eyes. She was "quarantined" for a week and received liquid antibiotics twice a day. It cleared up pretty fast, and she quickly regained her appetite. The vet said it might never clear up completely, but so far she has been okay. She had been vaccinated about six months before she got it.

@vettechstudent: The video is great. I hope it sends some people running to the nearest shelter.
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Yahoo! Junior is back at home tonight. His blood work came back, all ok. He has calici as we thought. So both our kitties are sick but will recover. We will make sure they are well cared for. Thanks again for all your good thoughts, they thank you too. If anyone needs info on the calici virus just ask, we are now experts!!!
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I don't know how I missed this! I'm so glad Junior is OK, or will be soon. Sending healing vibes to both kitties so they get over this very soon.
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Glad to hear the news!

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Originally posted by jcat

@vettechstudent: The video is great. I hope it sends some people running to the nearest shelter.
Yeah,me too.I also hope it makes people realize that they need to get their animals fixed.I have it in my siggie at a couple other places,too.


That is great news that you found out what is wrong and it is treatable.
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I am happy he is back and you know what it is and you are able to treat him .
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Glad to hear he's home
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Late to chime in - happy it's nothing serious - get well soon, Junior!
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