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The Nail File Addict

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Sasha, my tuxedo short-hair, 21 lb. bowling ball of a boy cat, loves my nail files. He puts his paw up to my fingers as I'm filing and then wants me to rub the nail file (the newer and less worn the better) across his face, really hard, and he purrs and gurgles. And also he likes it across his teeth(!) and whiskers. He just loves the nail file. I'm not adverse to doing his face to please him and send him to kitty nirvana, but teeth? Wouldn't it wear down the tooth enamel from the abrasiveness of the file material? Has anyone ever had this experience?? Quirky boy.
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LOL Strange how cats are- are these the metal nail files or the emery boards? Either way I would be hesitant to let him chew on them as they can wear down the teeth over time.
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Hi there! They are the cheap orange sandpapery ones from Rite-Aid, emery boards? He doesn't chew, it's like he wants them rubbed back and forth in this slow, lazy, hypnotizing motion across his teeth and face and whiskers. I think he has lost his marbles. He is addicted and wants this every night....Sasha comes up and rubs his face over hand really agressively but sweetly, and I just know he's itchin' for a good nail file session. I will stay away from his teeth.
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ROFL!!!! That is just too funny. Hadn't heard of this quirk before.

I file smooth my cats' nails after cutting them, but it's a tolerated thing, not desired.
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We have to put emery boards away in a drawer here because several of our kitties like to munch on them!
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I have to hide mine too , cats can be so funny at times .
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I think this is happening because of the texture similarity of the nail file and a cat's tongue. Sasha is acting like a kitten and wants his mommy (you) to give him a daily licking!
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Yes!! That must be it. I have never thought of that....I am such a dorkbrain. That makes the best sense I have ever heard. Sasha was very much cared for by his own mother, SiSi, who we lost quite suddenly last May. This is not a new behavior on his part, but it has certainly increased since her loss. Yes! The way he likes me to rub the nail file is the same motion when being groomed by his mother. I think the mystery is solved!!!! Thank you!
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My Brighteyes (RB) LOVED the emory board. She'd come running if she heard the familiar sound of filing nails. She'd also chew if I let her and loved it rubbud on her face, too.
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If I ever wanted to get my Hippocrates running to me, all I had to do is pull out the emery board and run it once on my nails. I guess this is just another lovable cat quirk!
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