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Today we tried Wellness Core turkey and duck. They all liked it. It does have pork liver, not sure thats why. Or they like the turkey and duck. :) 

I was able to mix some of the Hounds and gatos chicken with sheba chicken to get them eat it, yesterday. Though I think some still didnt eat it as much as they do if it was just sheba. They are just to finicky or smart. LOL

Cowboy Cookout was liked. 5 liked (2 wouldnt touch it)the NV lamb, but someone threw it up :(

Weruva Funk in the trunk was a hit. But it has tuna, which they love 

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Glad to hear about the continued progress you are making with the wet food! :clap: That's wonderful! I knew you could do it. :)


I read in another post that one or two of your kitties had vomited their meal. This does happen from time to time due to eating too fast as you have already suspected. If it happens often then it can be a sign that one of the foods may not be well tolerated, and just needs to be switched out for something else. Are they still getting some dry now?

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Miss Dandelion would not touch the H&G Pork.  It's good that I only had 2 cans.  She is really a pain to feed.  FF is mostly what goes the best and she will eat her kitten food but she is 9 mos. and is still eating the NVI Rabbit fairly well.  It is a chore to feed this cat. She still eats H&G Lamb reasonably well too.


Evo cat and kitten didn't work out.  She ate it but didn't seem to feel well.


She get 1/8 c. of dry at night and that is no problem at all.

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Thanks, I can get them to eat canned. just not very much. I even decreased the amount of dry. HMM. trying to stay positive. smile.gif
Hi I am transitioning my cats to more wet they just turned one and just when I think I have them figured out they decide they don't like something anymore. Also since adding more wet they don't seem to eat it all and I feed an ounce I think and and twice a day. Good luck
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