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ldg says there was a lack of Flowerbelle pics so here is a new one
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Oh Hi is this Gary?

Flowerbelle is very beautiful!
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Oh, she is adorable! And from that photo, looks so tiny. Her eye seems to be doing better too, doesn't it.

That does it thought, I really need a white cat. Between Flowerbelle and the trips, I just get really jealous! Maybe the neighbours could be convinced.......
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awwwww what a cutie girl
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She's looking so much better! Cool! Thanks for posting that!
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Awwww! Sweet little Flowerbelle!

But what's with only posting ONE photo??? We want more!
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Just one picture? Wutup wit dat? Are you just trying to tease us?

She looks great!
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Yay! Pretty pic, and her eye is looking better!! I agree, more pics!
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Very nice to know that there are so many nice caring friends out there: After several operations our little pixie has little or no sight in her left eye, but no longer has pain!!! she may have one or two more operations to go but not yet. we are going to enjoy her and hopefully let her get a little healthier before we move forward in our quest for her to be a fully sighted little girl. It is sad but there is nothing to do about her hearing, but i sometimes find myself talking to her as if she still only weighs about 3 1/4 lbs. But her presence is that of give or take 15 lbs of fully grown feral!!!! The vets had to sedate her to take blood and this house is run on her schedule and hers alone!! Its not that she is mean or stubborn just adamant!
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Another pixie pic! in the mail bag!
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She is so precious!
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awwwww she is so precious!
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What a beautiful girl! I can believe that she has the presence of a 15 pound cat-it looks like you have an alpha-in-training on your hands. Give her a kiss and scritch from all of us here.
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too bad cats cant wear patches on their eyes like pirates, it would give her a look like, 'Ay, ahoy ye mateys!'
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That little girl is such a miracle. She is so adorable. No wonder she has touched your hearts the way she has.
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she is SO precious!

Hugs to all of you!!
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Poor sweet kitty, may her many traumas be behind her now and all that is left ahead are snuggles kisses and love!
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Wow she is just precious! What angels you two are for giving her so much love now!
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Gary and I stepped out for a quick errand, and came back in (and yes, shelly's dad is Gary ), and Tuxedo and Flowerbelle were sleeping together! We woke them up, but no one bolted - at least long enough for a couple of quick pics.
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And for some reason this one's fuzzy, but it's so sweet.... and boy does this make us happy!!!
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Awwwwww.She is a sweetie!!!!!!
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Need I say more?
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awwwww that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!
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OMG she is SO precious!!! She is a little pixie.

Those pics of her and Tuxedo are so adorable. Big time AAAWWWWW!!!!

And Gary, even if she can't "hear" you, I bet she can still feel the vibrations from your voice. Especially if you are holding her. I bet it feels like you are purring with her.
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LDG those two sweeties just look to cute together
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We rarely remember she can't hear - we talk to her all the time. And Heidi - we DO purr to her!!!

....even Spooky's not hitting her anymore.
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Oh! Two snuggly kitties!!!!!!!
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