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The eating begins...

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Harghhhh!!! I spent $50 to join Weight Watchers online a few weeks ago, and now Halloween is coming and everywhere I turn there's a bowl of chocolate something-or-other!!! I have made myself sick for the past 2 days here at the office eating the chocolate. Everybody says to just resign myself to the fact that between now and January I'm not going to do so well on the diet. Anyone else out there with non-existent will power???
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Oh, its so difficult. If I have sweets or chips or snacks in the house, I will eat them. No will power at all.

However, if I end up cheating, I don't beat myself up about it. I just tell myself that was fun, and start the next day determined to do the best I can.

The only way I can resist that bowl of chocolates is to not have any at all. If I start, they are all going to be gone.
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Eat them then they will be gone!

that's my motto! LOL!
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I'm fine - I remind myself that I can have whatever I want that is sweet or carby, once a day...if I see something really worth having early in the day, I will take it home and have it with my reward meal (the one meal a day where I have carbs).

Works for me! In fact, I'm looking forward to planning my christmas baking...I just make tiny amounts or send over half of it to work with my husband to treat his co-workers
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At OA one of the things we ask ourselves is this, "Does this taste as good as abstinence feels?" Abstinence is abstaining from overeating. Usually the answer is no.
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