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First time out of the bathroom to explore. Hmm I like this window sill.
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Both your kitties are so pretty and I love how you wrote their names. How did you do that?
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Thank you, and I use Paint Shop Pro and apply a Super Blade Pro preset to the font.
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well congrats, they are very lucky to have you...
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Tons of Cuteness!
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you have some cute kitties
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Purrrty girl that Miss Lovey is Both of your kitties are gorgeous
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Cutie pie!
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omg you took her in???!! CONGRATS!!! I must go read your thread to get updated
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Lovey has a twin!!

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Cutey! I love your font as well!

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Aw, Lovey is so adorable!! And Amber does look like her Raquel.
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She is so pretty.Looks like she is making herself right at home.
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