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Cat Teats

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Will a cats teats drop with milk before labor??
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Yes, most of the time they do. If you squeeze them and get a little milk, they are usually about 24 hours from delivery. It's not always like that though. There are a few more signs like restlessness,constant licking and labored breathing.
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{laugh} Last time I had a pregnant cat, there was no way she would have let me squeeze her teats! She was very protective of her belly as she got bigger.

What prompts the question? Droplets on the ends of nipples? Something on your floor? Just curious.
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I just do not want us to miss the blessed event. I am looking for every sign possible. She has no milk yet so I was thinking maybe it's gonna be a while longer and I can put my mind at ease for a while. She loves to have her belly rubbed and for us to lay our hands on her belly. Boy those little guys kick up a storm. I think I am more anxious than I was during my 3 pregnancys.
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When my cat was almost ready, like day or so before, she sat on her butt and leaned back, one front paw thrown out to hold herself. She looked soo funny that way. I had a place all ready for her with old towels and socks. She was huge that night and next morning, they were here.
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