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Rough housing?

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I have another sibling/older kitten question: My two sibling kitties, 6 months, can really start to go at it. Pattern is play with toys for a bit... wear out....relax, take naps, get rested up then...bigger boy kitty saunters over to still napping sister and starts to bite her ear, then her body, and then sometimes stops to lick her rear (yuck, well they are animals and I realize this is a dominance thing) and then starts to bite again and it excelerates until she is crying out and runs away. My questioin is, should I intervene when I can? I do here and there but I am not sure if I am making things worse, or if that is necessary?

Insight would be appreciated...
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lol that sounds just like a day in the life of Saki and Zoey

I dont usually intervene unless one of them is meowing out hysterically while they're wrestling or if I think they're getting hurt. They are usually pretty good about being gentle with each other. I have not had any problems with it yet! Just making a loud noise or throwing something down next to them will usually break them up if I need to.
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