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Boy am I stiff!

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Sam has decided that his favourite place to sleep every night is between my knees. I always sleep on my back, and he starts out lying on my chest, purring, licking my face, sticking his furry face in my mouth, drooling on me, getting his head in the way of the television, kneading the blankets, and often licking the wool blankets. Its our special together time.

After he thinks I have settled down for the night, he looks around for a spot to curl up and go to sleep. Lately, that spot was between my feet, and now it seems that he likes it between my knees. And he is a big cat. I wake up in the morning stiff from lying on my back with a cat curled up between my legs.

So last night, I decided that I would lie really still, with my feet firmly together. Then, he could lie on my legs, or beside me, whatever. But I would be able to move a bit in the night without kicking a cat. And the devil; he stool on my shins, pawing and digging at my knees, trying to get into that nice comfy hole he is used to finding! I think that a 14 pound cat standing on your shins is probably more painful than stiff muscles from lying still on one position all night!
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I would move too for 14 pounds of cat! If amber is laying with me and I need to move, I will move. Sorry honey! mommy needs to get comfortable. I feel a little guilty, but she gets over it.
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LMAO that is so funny! I can relate to that - Peedoodle likes the best spots on the bed.
Kahu has taken to sleeping on top of my foot - its really funny because I will wake up in the middle of the night because my foot is vibrating, and it takes me a while to realise that Kahu is on it, purring away. It actually feels nice, kinda comforting.
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How funny! I move so much in my sleep that my cats just lay around me! Peaches next to my head, Carmella on the bottom right corner and Henrietta on the bottom left corner.
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I had a cat who used to lay next to my feet every single night for 13 1/2 years and was never a problem at all...and now, there's only an empty space next to my feet...

Snowball is like Sam, he likes to lay between my knees when the weather gets really cold, and he will force himself into his favorite spot if he has too!!! LOL!
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LOL.I can relate,too.
I have some that like to sleep between my legs,on my legs,on my back,on my head etc...
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My first furbaby used to sleep like that. At that time I very seldom moved positions at night time. He would sleep right between my knees, and I found it comfortable, as did he. Now none of my babies sleep on me...Shorty used to try sleeping in my room, but she was one to get into everything! And I had stuff all over the place that she could/would get into, and so I was always listening for what she was doing. And she would eat anything too! Now she has her spots: underneath the computer, on the blanket, in her house, on the 2 chairs, or in the winter time when it is rather cold out, she likes to sleep in the bathroom on the mat in front of the register. Rascal used to like to sleep on your face ugh...who wants to eat long cat hair? Never mind breathing it!
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Leo always liked to sleep in the middle of ths bed, crossways. All 22 pounds of him. After he would get fully asleep. I would turn him so he could sleep between us.
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That's too funny!

I'm lucky, Whiskers loves to sleep like that but for some reason she prefers hubby over me. I'm not complaining but the positions I find them two in at times is hilarious. Both fighting to get as comfy as possible.
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