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I just got my package today, and don't know how to say 'thank you' enough! It was like Christmas!!

Simba went nuts over the catnip. I have bought him catnip-stuffed toys before and he hasn't given them the time of day. But he loved this stuff!! I don't know if this is normal, but his nose totally started running while he was sniffing it.

I love the mouse pad - I'm using it now. And the pet grass and the magnets and the pics.. My husband will be thrilled at the air purifier - his nose is really sensitive to the litterbox. And I can't wait to ask him to build a cat condo!!

OMG, Simba just jumped into the box and is pawing like mad at the catnip box. I think he's already a junkie!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!
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LOL!! I am glad the package got there safe and sound. The catnip is courtesy of Catnipetc.com he has banners all around our website here. He really does procure the most exotic catnip blends that I have found- my cats are totally addicted to his stuff too!

I was glad to send it, and again I thank you on behalf of this website and the Park Feral cats that will benefit from your generosity as well.
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