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can anybody help us keep our cat?

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hi my name is brian, i am just 11 but my cousin is a grownup and she helped me sign up, and my sister is 4. our mom got us a kitten to keep us company because she is sick and can't spend much time doing stuff with us right now. my mom is a single mom and she loss her job because she was sick. so now we don't have much money. our apartment people sent her a letter saying now we have to pay a $250 for a pet depozit, but my mom says we can't pay that and we will have to give kiki away. she is a hardheaded cat sometimes and knock over my mom's plant and chews up mail, but she is still sweet and cute, and especialy my sister loves her. i thought if maybe 250 people who love cats could send me $1 a piece we could pay the depozit. thank you so much to anyone who can. we have to pay it by friday.

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Is there anyway we can help this family. I for one am crying at the fact that he might have to give his baby away. I remember the day I lost my dog to sickness and it took me 17 years to be able to handle another animal. Now, I'm sorry I waited so long. My money's going in the mail tomorrow.

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So is mine - the kid is trying to keep his cat - he deserves our help. Do we have 250 people who will send this kid $1?
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Okay, I've been on the net for many, many years and have seen LOTS of scams just like this one. SO I hope ya'lll will understand when I say that I verified the address, it does indeed exist, and does belong to a female by that last name. Although he doesn't say, it appears that his moms name is Lemelia. I also found a verified phone number should anyone be interested to verify further.

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thanks ken. This story touched my me, and just about broke my heart. But I have been raised in a world of suspicion, and wasn't sure if it was the real thing. now that I know, my money heads out today. good luck, Brian.
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This is a sad stroy - I tried to access pm for Brian - but was unable to. As long as Ken has verified the family's address - I too will send along a little kitty deposit money.
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Thanks Ken for letting us know. I also was brought up thinking about scams but for some strange reason, this felt real. Anyway, I know I'm probably going to hear about this commment but my $5 (I know, I also oversend) went in the mailing this morning. Thanks guys for helping. I knew you'd come through.

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Thanks Ken for doing the footwork and checking things out. Don't feel bad Frannie as I was also suspicious. My $5 will go out on Monday. I hope it arrives on time.

Brianb, please let us know how you are doing.

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Your welcome, but just remember that I didn't realy verify anything but the fact that the address belongs to a female, which seems to support the story. I just hate to think that people are parting with their hard earned money for a scam....

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I sent $2. None of us will be out a great lot an I hate to think we didn't try to help if this is ligit. When I first read it I hesitated, but something kept it on my mind all day so I checked back to see if anyone else had anything to say. I feel like it might be a true case of need, and, like I stated before; if enough of us help, then no one is out any great sum. I hope this young man keeps in touch with us.

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I will send out $5.00. Sure hope he will let us know by Thursday whether he has gotten enough money or not..I am enclosing a note with the money to ask him to please keep us posted on this.
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Tons of respect from me to you. I was wary of this post, and I thought I would sound too cynical if I posted my doubts. I figured I'd get a lot of flak in return. You have a lot of courage.
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I feel really bad about this one. I hope no one has sent out the money yet. Please don't - it was probably not a scam, but it had no place here.

Donna PMed me about this post in the SOS and I took care of it there - I just didn't visit the lounge so I missed it here.

Please check my reply to Brian in the SOS forum and also his reply. Apprently, the money is not needed anymore, as they are giving the kitten away.


The main problem here was that an 11 year old kid was posting his home address, which is something no adult should do either. I've edited it out now.

Please, if you see anything like this in the future, just PM me and I'll take care of it as soon as I get your message.
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