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Please Please help! (New England area)

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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this....but.

I am in desperate need of help. I need a place for my cat to stay, a temporary home from now till the end of May or June.

I've been posting in the cat behavior forum a lot, but for those who don't know Cleo and I, here's a quick rundown.

Cleo was my fiance's and mine. We adopted her from a shelter. We also had another cat. When we broke up, he kept the cats. Cleo started urinating on his bed a while later, so he finally gave up and gave her to me. I She's been better with me, less urinating for awhile, and now she's been doing it on and off on my bed. She's seen the vet, we're sure it's behavioral. Right now we're trying different things to see if she stops. If not she's going to go on medication.

I moved apartments last month. The place I moved said no cats, but my roommate thought it would be ok. Well, my neighbors ratted me out, and now my landlord says she's sorry, but I have to get rid of her.

I am only staying here till May or June. I desperately need someone to take her till then. I won't put her in a shelter. She probably would do best without other cats around....maybe one would be ok. I'm not sure. With all the stress she's had lately, less cats would probably be good. I don't know.

She's spayed, declawed (previous owner), and has a great disposition except for the peeing problem. I will pay the food and litter and vet expenses for her. I need someone who loves cats, who will be ok with fixing the peeing problem. I can give you mattress covers, I'll pay laundry if she messes up anything.

I'm in northern RI but I can drive her somewhere within reasonable distance.

Can someone please help???????
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How is she w/ kids?

I'm in Wareham MA...about 25 min from RI.
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She's never been with kids. I would think she'd be ok. Once she calms down she's great around new people. She's generally pretty skittish at first, hides under beds and stuff a lot, especially in new places.

I feel so bad moving her again. She's gone from my ex's house, to my old apartment, to my new apartment. And now again.
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I will put this in our SOS Forum- I hope you find someplace to put this cat, sounds like she has really been through it. It is highly probable that her behavior problems are the result of the declaw, and yes, I know you are not responsible for what she went through. The redirect will bring more people to this post, and perhaps Daniela can help you out, or she might know someone who can.

Good luck!
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If you would like to PM me, perhaps we can work something out. I don't want to discuss the details here on the boards, but I'm willing to try to help you out if I can.
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Daniela, I hope you can work something out! If not, I just wanted to say that's so wonderful of you to at least try to see if you can do something. Poor Cleo! I'm glad she has a mom who loves her so much.

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Yay!! Cleo has a temporary home!!

A neighbor of my parents agreed to take her! I am so grateful to her. She loves cats, has 3 already, and feeds strays in the area. I know she was trying to start a shelter as well, and works with those in the area. She's a wonderful woman, and I am so grateful to her for saying yes with no hesitation.
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What wonderful news!!! I'm so glad this worked out for you - and Daniela, your home has been spared a bit of disruption, but how wonderful of you to try to help.
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I'm so glad this situation worked out in such a great way!
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