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Lump on the Nose

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About three weeks ago we noticed a lump on our smaller female's nose.
You could easily touch it without bothering her, no discharge, no respiratory or smell issues - all in all just an odd bump on the nose.

She tends to poke around where she shouldn't so the vet thought it might be a cut or bug bite.

Well it didn't go away and last weekend we took her in to have samples drawn. Only a little liquid came out and the vet said there is some solid mass in it. Results came back inconclusive as there were not enough cells on the four samples sent.

We have decided to have the lump removed to be tested.

Anyone else have a similar situation? It doesn't read like nasal cancer - maybe it is skin cancer?

I'm super worried about what this could be. Kinko just passed away and he had small cell lymphoma. I'm just not ready for another cancer kitty so soon.
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Several years ago, Swanie had a lump on his nose.  It looked like a little bump at first, then started to get bigger.  The vet decided the best thing would be to remove it and send it off for biopsy.  I think it turned out to be some kind of cyst - it definitely wasn't cancer or anything bad.  I will send some vibes that you get good results back from the biopsy.  When are they doing the surgery?

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Thanks for the response and the good vibes! I'm definitely "fingers crossed" it's just a weird cyst.

She will have a blood test done first next week- she's probably part Maine Coon so they test before anesthesia to make sure she can handle it. 

Once those results come back it will probably be around May 11th?

The good news is it isn't bothering her at all and you can touch it with no reaction from her. 

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Aaargh! More questions versus answers. :(


1. The mass grew from the past week. 

2. It slid out easily - no tentacles attaching to anything.

3. It looked like a white pea.

4. It was completely superficial - there was no cutting into muscle and it wasn't attached to the bone.

5. Doesn't look like a typical tumor - malignant or benign.

6. Similar to a specific nasal fungus except that almost always attaches to the bone. 


We get pathology results back next week. 


Anyone with experience with this kind of mass?

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Well that sounds pretty promising at least.  I hope you get good news when the lab report is in.  :vibes::vibes:for your baby.

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