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My new baby coming home next weekend!!

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I have done it! I have adopted a new cat. They will bring him from S. Carolina next weekend and I can expect to pick him up Sunday around 6-7p. We are supposed to meet in Lafayette, Indiana, the details still have yet to come. I am so excited I cant wait!! I have some shopping to do.

to see his full set of pics from his foster go here: and click the top tab where it says siamese available, and search for Vinson. I cant link that little pop up window.

things are going to be so different now
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That is os exciting - conggrats on the new furry addition to your family!
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He's gorgeous, Raquel! I'm so excited for you!!!!
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Congrats! Yay Amber will have a playmate
I love the markings on his face , he's beautiful!
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what a cutie, almost the exact markings as my SUma, but lighter in color, Looks like a lover
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Congrats Raquel! So glad you found one that will work for you!
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Congrats, Raquel!! How exciting to have a new family member. I love all the pics his foster took, he looks like such a sweetie!
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Isnt he cute!? I think vinson would be perfect for us. I have no doubts about him, his foster has told me a lot about him and how he is like. he is timid, but I can work with that! I've been in contact with her since the start of October. I feel really good about this. and thats strange.
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Wowie. Vinson is beautiful!

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Congratulations! He is very pretty!
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What a handsome Cat- thank you for rescuing him-
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he's beautful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Congrats.He looks like a very sweet kitty.
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Oh that is wonderful! Is it the same beautiful kitten I saw on the Fur Pictures a few days ago?
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Yep, Hope, he sure is. At first the stripe on his face kind of distracted me, but looking at his pictures more and more I fell in love with his cute little head!

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Two of my kitties were from Siamese Rescue, via a small affiliated group in NYC. My Sasha & Razputin are the ones from SRC.
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they are a great place, really thorough and stuff. I was like, I got to do what to adopt a cat? lol
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For sure! I was lucky in that I got approved for a cat whom someone else adopted because they use a first-come, first-serve policy. Then I found out that they had some cats being boarded at a cat vet in NYC, very close to where I lived. When I saw Sasha for the first time, I emailed the SRC person and left her several voicemails, since there was no way she wasn't going to be mine .
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Congrats!! He is soo beautiful. He looks a little like Prego
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Vinson is gorgeous!
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