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Teddy Bear update

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Well I took him to the vet yesterday to be weighed and he weighed in at 1.5 pounds! I was so excited! But for the sad part. My Inlaws where in town last weekend, and fell in love with him. They called and tomorrow I'm meeting them half way(they're coming from Chicago), and they're taking him. They are thrilled and if there is something wrong with him, they have the means to make sure he's taken care of. They lost their cat of 17 years a few years ago, and swore never again with a cat, but they fell in love with Teddy. I'm happy to know he's going to a wonderful home, and will be a 100% indoor kitty!
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That is wonderfull!! It's always great when you can find the little ones' GREAT homes! And hey, it's not like you'll never see him again.
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That is wonderful to hear Teddy Bear is progressing nicely under your care. Yes, it's sad to have to part with him and so happy at the same time that he's going to a great home, and you will see him whenever you visit the inlaws!
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Sniff sniff, he's in his new home. Thought some of ya'll would like to see how happy he is!
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Awwww, he does look so happy at his new home! *Sniff+hug* for ya! Thanks for the update.

Woohoo, jackpot, so much dinner and snacks just floating around!
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Holy Cow! He falls in that tank, those giant fish will eat him! LOL
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He sure looks very happy to me . What a cutie boy he is . I 2nd that on Hissy
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