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Update 2 On Stray

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Well we just came back from the vet. The stray (now named Lovey) was given a clean bill of health. He did worm her and wants me to keep her and Ryelee separated for two more days so the wormer will have a chance to work and all of the eggs will be gone. I was right in guessing her age, I had said she is close to the same size as Ryelee who is 6mos and Lovey is around 5 1/2 mos. I am going to go fight with her and give her a bath, probably the only bath she will ever get from me. He was not worried about the flea I found, he thinks maybe one flea traveled in on my dog. Someone out there does not know what they have lost, we named her Lovey and she is a total love. She is so much more affectionate than Ryelee is. I sure hope when I get the chance to start introducing them that they get along. The vet said they have several kitties right now that people have rescued and brought in to get care before going to new homes...........I think I may have just found my new kitty vet, even if I have to drive much further than my Pups vet office. He has a genuine love for cats. Okay enough of my book, just wanted to share that we now have a Lovey to add to our zoo hehe.
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Great news! Congratulations!
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I am so glad Lovey is doing well. Where is Mr. Howell?
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LOL @ adymarie!
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I'm just saying you made need another cat to keep Lovey company... she must miss Thurston Howell the third!
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Hehe I knew what you meant, maybe we could find her a Gilligan.
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That's such a nice ending/beginning to this story that started as such a sade one. And I am glad that she is healthy!

I am curious, where did your son find her? Its obvious that she is used to people, because she seems to be so glad that you found her! She is lucky that she has a rescuer.
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what vet are you using, the one I was using has a very nast recptionist that does not care for cats, IMHO, but the vet loves them and is very gentile with animals, but he did not listen when Fuzz was sick, so looking for a new vet.
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Antlers is my regular, but today I went to Town & Country...right across from Wells Fargo. I am really happy with his manner towards kitties.

You sound like you have been going to Antlers. I have heard several people say the receptionist is snotty, but I have never been treated that way. My frustration comes from two different times now that I have needed my vet for something other than routine stuff he has been gone.
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He found her behind the elementary school he goes to. We live in a very small town and behind the school is nothing but a hill with sage brush. I put an ad in our local daily paper and nobody has called. If someone does call I guess they will have to wait to get her back until they want to pay me for the shots and also pay me back after she is spayed. I won't turn her over to anyone claiming she is theirs until she is spayed. I really think that Lovey is at her forever home right now.
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you guessed it, the receptionist is a *itch, but the doc is great. I got a little frustrated once when he didnt look into what I thought was wrong with Fuzz, and eventually found out that is exactly what it was. But he is awesome with animals, I could do without her though.
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Oh, I would not expect her former family to turn up and claim her or anything. I just wonder what family would let a lovely cat like that wander away!

My Bailey is a stray who obviously lived with people, she is very social, and lovey, and well trained (for example, never scratches anything but scratching posts). So she did have a family. But she was not spayed, she wandered away, and was pregnant. So I think that I have given her a better home.
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Ok I'm getting confused.. with all these threads! Now I cant find the original thread...
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Glad everything checked out good at the vet. She is a beautiful kitty.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Ok I'm getting confused.. with all these threads! Now I cant find the original thread...
Here ya go Sicy


And here is another one about Lovey

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