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We got nimby's weight

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Nimby is six monthes old and 7.8 pounds! Is that pretty big for a kitten? He is on the thin side because he is so active, hopefully he will fatten up alittle now that he is fixed.
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Wow you will have a "snow Leopard" on your hands by the time he is fully grown *LOL*. At 10.3lbs my 3 1/2 yr. old Loki is a mear feather weight.
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Zeus is just shy of 8 pounds too! He has a round little belly! How long is Nimby? He looks like he's a big boy!
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He's just a big cat!! I have a giant too! He's six 1/2 months and weighs probably six and a half by now. He's lanky too! It'll be interesting to see how big he gets... His momma was teeny tiny, I just don't understand...
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nimby is thin and long. He is growing faster then he can put on weight he is longer then his mom and about the same size and moemoe. hasn't caught up to neo yet
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amber was four pounds at 6 mos. now she is 10 pounds at 1.5 years old. he will be one giant cat i think! of course, males are usually larger then girls.
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Odd I should see this thread today...

I went to Casper's vet appointment today (rabies shot) and he got a weigh-in. (Casper is my mom's kitten.) He's just about 6 months old and weighs 7.0 pounds.

And I remember with Spike, at his 7 month vet visit (for neutering), he weighed only 6 pounds then.

I think Casper is going to be bigger than Spike. (Spike is 9.3 pounds at 3.5 years old.) And it sounds like Nimby is going to be a big fella as well.
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Well, my little Missy was 3 pounds at that age (and she is STILL a petite, small boned, little white kitty today, at age 8, and weighs 7 pounds) On the other hand, my Spikey is a moose, and he was 9 pounds at that age, and is 13 pounds today. He is NOT fat, but is tall and muscular and solid! --But, he is STILL my little baby!!
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Now I know my cat is a whale. She just turned 2, and is 13.7 lbs, and she is not a big cat. I have her on low cal as well as regular. I know she needs to lose at least 2 lbs, slowly. My other cat that is 6 weighs 7 lbs, and is a small dainty cat.
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I have 4 babies around 5-6 months old:

Muddy - 8 pounds (6 months)
Koko - 5-1/2 pounds (6 months)
Dakota - 7-1/2 pounds (5-1/2 months)
Sage - 6-1/2 pounds (5-1/2 months)
Billie - 5-1/2 pounds (5 months)

Muddy & Koko are littermates and Sage and Dakota are litter mates. Billie is my stray foster.

I understand that the "average" (and that's average in big hypothetical quotes) is about 1 pound per month up to around 9 months old, then it tapers down from there. So Nimby at 7.8 pounds is probably going to be a big boy.

What size are Nimby's paws? My Muddy's paws are HUGE right now (little black snowshoes). Dakota's paws are normal size, so I think that even though he is big right now, he's going to stop growing younger. Koko will remain dainty like her cousin Scarlett (7-1/2 pounds at 2 years).
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