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Most stress is the fertility thing, and can't help that.

Elizabeth, yes there are woods in Canada, but since I live in the concrete jungle it is a little to far to drive, just for a walk! I wish I could. Maybe I will go fly a kite tomorrow if it isn't too cold!
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Hey!! Yesterday's gyno appt turned into a freaking 3 hour ordeal! Argh!!! My doc had a c-section and there were only two RNs and it was a full house. Anyway....have an ultrasound next week since we can't pinpoint the exact date I really don't like those since they don't use the one that goes on your belly, they use another type that goes in the you know where and that one hurts

Argh, morning not good, very irritated with everyone in this house. Hubby woke us up with coughing early this morning, and too freaking lazy to get his a** up and get some water or get some medicine or something. I swear he acts like a freaking baby with a cough! Yet when his sister calls to tell him she has to have a c-section, he is completely callous with her about it. I told him earlier today that a c-section is a big deal, much bigger than a freaking cough. Anyway...very irritating have to take care of a full grown man who is quite capable of taking care of himself.

Son won't eat anything I give him, so I guess he is in the stage where he doesn't want to eat much but drink milk and juice. Anyway...argh to everyone in this house! Even JB got on my nerves with his meowing, I have to put his food on the table so that my son doesn't play with his food while he's eating, so JB expects me to pick him up to put him on the table. Anyway...irritated to the max!
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Hello everyone! Today is a lazy day here. I'm exhausted. Probably from all the excitement yesterday.

Jake would not be left in the spare room today. He was meowing and wailing and scratching at the door to get out. So I brought him out to see how it would go. So far so good. It may be a little soon but sometimes I guess you just can't fight it!

Yesterday afternoon I took Hallie to the vet. I had been telling her about Hallie for a month or so. When I called to tell her Hallie was here she wanted to see her to check her over after the journey from California to Utah. I'm glad I took her. She had lost 4 oz from two days prior when dragonlady took her to her vet. So my vet wanted to do blood work. One of her levels is extremely elevated and another a bit elevated. So the vet is very concerned about her kidneys.

Doctor put Hallie on a special diet. And today she called back to check on Hallie! I thought that was so wonderful! I told her Jake is out of the room now and Hallie is alone. She thinks that is best anyway because this way we can monitor how much she is eating and drinking.

I posted a few new pictures in the Homecoming thread. They're not the greatest but people were asking for more!
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Hello Guys!

Got up last night and shut my bedroom door "did dong did dong.." it rattles on it's frame and I didn't want to open it because I had JUST changed the bedclothes on my bed and I didn't want cat fur on them YET but I had a to open the door a bit so I could get some sleep and when I woke up their were five cats asleep UNDER the covers! LOL!

Now i'm eating breakfast , talking to Nana on the phone and getting ready for my friend to come and stay the night!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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The day started out, so-so: I was having this REALLY great dream and, just as it got REALLY good, the alarm went off! Talk about frustration!

Fortunately, work was all easy, today. We weren't even all that busy. I talked to my supervisor, about the jury duty notice and found out that the company pays my full salary. Some places deduct your jury duty pay. Woo-hoo, extra money, in January! Jury duty pays $40/day. If I can stash that away, Bill and I can take a long weekend, next summer.
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There are lots of wild and brush fires on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and the smoke made the skies look murky all day. It looked very weird to see the sun shining thru the smoke. Reminded me a lot of a few years ago, during the Malibu fires, although back then, everything was covered in soot. It looked like it was snowing. I would imagine they are having that experience closer to the area where the fires are, now.

Today was pay day, so I went to Walmart and bought 4 new DVD's for my viewing pleasure.
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