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Results from the fertility specialist.

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Got the results back and I have to go for more tests. I have what the doctor thought I had(PCOS) and I have started on medication. John has plenty of swimmers, but they are a little sluggish. He says that no matter how little I eat or how much I exercise I would never have lost much weight do to the syndrome I have. Now with medication I should be able to get thinner which will help with getting preggers. It is still going to take a while. Good news is we have started the treatment. I have to take 1 pill a day with a meal for 1 week, then 2 pills - 1 with each meal for another. Then I am up to 3 pills per day - 1 with each meal. I am not a breakfast person because it makes me nauseous on the bus. But the doc says that I need a full breakfast - things like bacon and eggs. I have to seriously cut out carbs. I reallt hope this works!
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That's good news ady, that they found something that can be treated! I hope you do better with the meds and diet. I would hate to have carbs restricted, but my co-worker (male) did that, and lost about 30 pounds, feels great, and has had his blood levels monitored throughout, and found not cholesterol problems or anything else.
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That is good news I hope all goes well for you and your hubby. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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At least they out what the problem is. I hope this works and there will be a little one on the way for you and your hubby!
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I'm really glad that they know what is going on with you. I really hope that everything works and by this time next year we will be doing an Ady's Baby Countdown!
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Ady - I do hope things start working out for you now on the baby front . . . I'll keep everything crossed for you m'dear . . .
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I'm so glad that at least you know what's going on, and there is a solution. Sending prayers that this will work out for you
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Originally posted by adymarie
I have to seriously cut out carbs. I reallt hope this works!
I am always available to share recipes with you if you'd like. I'm a very committed for life, "balanced carb" eater, who loves to cook and I have some awesome recipes!!

Best wishes to you with the metformin and to you and your husband with conceiving a child, I know what it's like to go the fertility workup route.
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Oh that's so good that you at least know for sure what is going on, and there is a way to potentially fix it. I hope it works out for you Ady!
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Ady...I really hope this works for you in many ways.

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I sure hope it works and that you are preggers in no time!
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Thanks everyone...your support means alot to me. My mom just wnats another grandbaby and sometimes doesn't realize that support doesn't always mean pushing. I appreciate all of you!
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Ady - I am glad that they found the cause of the problem and that you can do something about it. Good luck with your babymaking
And also good luck with the losing weight.
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Ady - good luck!!
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I'm glad the doctor has found a treatment for you. Hope it works!
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+ = !!
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Ady- I'm glad they have found what the problem is!

I hope you're expecting soon and good luck with the weight loss!
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Hope the treatment helps you two on the road to that little bundle of joy!! Keeping fingers crossed here.
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Adrienne, I'm really rooting for you. But - if it doesn't work out, please contact me. I went through the same thing - family pressure, fertility tests, hormone treatments, sex according to the calendar/temperature, five miscarriages. I'm lucky - I have six nieces and nephews, and about eighty students (also my "children") at any one time. I had to have a hysterectomy last year, due to problems apparently caused by the hormone treatments. I have come to the conclusion that having kids is simply not my fate in life. I've tried not to be bitter about it, i.e., not to become too "pro life", i.e. anti-abortion, or to flip out when I read about child abuse, but it's difficult. Don't let this take over your life. Whatever will be, will be, or, as the saying goes, "Man proposes, and God disposes". Take every opportunity available to you, but if you reach the point where you begin to question what is "too much", listen to your inner voice.
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Originally posted by rfox
+ = !!

Ady, I'm happy to hear that you've found what the problem is & are on the way to having a bundle of joy. I wish you the very best of luck & please keep us updated on how everything is going!
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Ady, you should check out the PCOS support group message board at WebMD - I don't have PCOS, but it is right near the endometriosis board (which I do have) and several women who post there have both conditions. I've been visiting that board for several years through my diagnostic process, and it has been great.

Here's the address -
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