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Hi guys!!! I just got a new car!!! Don't worry I don't want a bunch of blob-o-romas or 's, as I know that can get a bit old... But I just wanted to tell you all, since you all are my friends, and I am so happy!!!!!!
It started out bad....a week ago I had an accident with my car. It was my fault. The damage was estimated at 2,500.(but driveable) I was sick about it.
I loved my old car. It was a 91, so it was 10 years old, it was a teal green Escort GT, and I really loved it. Had it for 8 years.
But then catastrophe turned into happiness....(talk about when life hands you lemons......)
I used the insurance money to put a downpayment on a new car, instead of fixing the old one, since it has over 100,000 miles on it....I got a 2000 Dodge Neon....a 4 door...and it is a beautiful burgandy-purple color. I LOVE it!!!!!!!! And with my downpayment, the monthly payments are pretty much affordable! Plus I will keep my escort, for a second car!!! I am SOOOOOOO happy!!!! Just wanted to share it with you!
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Congrats Debby! It's always fun to get a new car. My car is a 94, and I think I'll be driving it until 2094, unless I wreck it. Have fun!
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Congrats on the new car. I got my purple Kia Sephia in May and I love it! It's nice to have a car that's dependable. Enjoy!

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Yay Debby! Congrats on the new car! Perhaps you can pictures up and share it with us? The color sounds beautiful! I wish I was brave enough to drive again. I so bad want a Plymouth Prowler... and Craig said that perhaps in a few years we can get one!

Congrats on your new treasure!!!

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Debby; I'm glad everything turned out for the better. It is traumatic to have a car wreck, but nice to get a better car out of the deal. Glad no one was hurt.
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Congrats on the new car. It's wonderful when you can share with your friends. I remember when I got my Santa Fe in November and got right on my greyhound board and told everyone. I would have told you all here but I wasn't on the forums at the time. BTW, when are you going to post a picture of it with you in it? Enjoy. I'm glad you were not hurt in the accident.

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Thanks guys!!! I still have to get pictures of my CATS on here....but maybe once I finally get around to getting THAT done...I can post one of the car!
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Debby; Maybe a picture of the CATS in the CAR !!!!! HaHa :laughing2
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TLK.... I could probably take a picture of the cats ON the car....they seem to like to congregate there!! :laughing2:
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Debby; That would do. I would love to see a picture of that "Little Scamp", Merlin!!!
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Congrats on the new car! One of these days I will get one. My car is an 89 pontiac sunbird and just rolled 200,000 miles I just keep fixing what needs to be fixed and it keeps running, thank goodness. I have rode in the neons and they are neat cars. I hope you enjoy it.

I am glad you weren't hurt in the wreck.
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Alright Debby! New cars are fun! I had a beretta once and I crashed it, I loved that car. Unfortunatly I didn't get a car that I liked after it. Now we have a mini van, not as fun to drive as that beretta was without the kids in it, but on Christmas we only have to take one trip home with all our gifts as opposed to the 2-3 we used to with our other cars!
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Congrats! Is it really fun to drive?
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Oh guys.... I absolutely LOVE it! Driving it is like floating on air!!! (compared to my 91 escort, that is)

Darlene....I wish you could see the "scamp" Merlin....that word describes him perfectly!!!!!!!! ( I do love him so )
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