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Do your cats snore when they sleep? My oldest cat has been snoring this past year. Is it a sign of aging? Is it even natural?
My 2 other cats make sounds while they sleep but it is more like purring.
I just don't know...Maybe I should tape it & ask the vet when I visit!But I like to ask you first!
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Sometimes if your cat is snoring, the cat might have an URI but cats can snore and be perfectly healthy as well.
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Thanks! Probably it is natural. Haven't noticed any nasal discharges or other symptoms associated with URI!
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Then he is probably just fine. If they snore at night and they are fighting a URI you would see telltale bubbles coming out of their nostril as they struggle to breathe.
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Sammycat snores like a buzzsaw in a mill He snores loud enough to wake me up on occassions.
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My Mischa snores like a train............she wakes everyone up and I am sure that she even wakes the neighbours. She is 12 years old but has always snored. If i give her a little nudge this usually stops her for about 10 seconds. None of the others snore. Mischa has a very slight heart murmour so maybe thats why but oh boy its bad!
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My Midnight started snoring during her last year. Maybe it's just a normal part of the aging process.
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Kuce snores for a short time when she's sleeping. She doesn't have an URI nor is she overweight which is good. She's been doing it since we adopted her last year.
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