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Bummer, I found a flea tonight. I think maybe the dog brought it in, but maybe the stray did. Anyway I had searched her and hadn't found any and tonight when I was playing with our dog I found one down my shirt . I have been reading past posts on here about Diatomaceous Earth and I did a search on the net about using it. It actually says you can apply it to the animal avoiding the eyes. What do you think? When I take the stray cat to the vet in the morning I will ask her, but I hate to use anything that is classified as a pesticide. I advocate using safer household products, so I am against the flea control she is going to suggest. I will be getting some Diatomaceous Earth for the carpets for sure. It is that time of year when all the bugs want a warm place so it will be more than flea control. I have never dealt with fleas before this, and I am sure where there is one there are more.
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NO! Do not put this stuff on your animals. Use Advantage or Frontline but not Diatomaceous Earth. That can go on your carpet and floors and be vacuumed up, but please do not put it on your animals.
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I won't Hissy. It says that you don't want to breath it or get it in your eyes and I am wondering if my crappy vacume will be able to suck all of it up. There are always kids and animals sprawled out on the floor so I don't want to have any residue that might harm any of them.
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I found ONE flea on Zoey one day and I freaked. I put Advantage on her right away and I havent seen anything since.
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You should have a good vacuum for this stuff- if not, I wouldn't use it. If you lived closer you could borrow my Kirby.
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Sicycat you have given me hope. I hate the thought of fighting the little buggers.

Hissy I am sure my vacume will work it might just take a few extra runs is all.
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