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Heres My clan!!!

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sorry the pics so big, I'm not sure how to size it down.

Twig is on the top, Luna is on the second sleeping place, isis is in the third one and Rocket is sitting on the table beside them. they are sitting on an old Display bottle holder my honey was getting rid of at his liquor store. makes a good porch cat tower
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I love this picture!!!
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Thanks! it's my backround on my computer.
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Stick a couple of pillows on that thing and you have cat bunk beds!
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That's pretty much the way they think of it also. it is where they sit when they are on the porch for "outside" time. they watch birds, squirrels(along with the neighbors cats from time to time)and things.
They love to be out there and I feel bad not letting them out there now because it is cold here when I get home from work so they stay inside or if they go out, it's for an hour tops...
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That is a very cool pic! What pretty kitties, and they all look so happy out there.
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Oh its very small for me.. but it looks like a cool pic!!
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there i fixed it, don't know why it got so small but it's all better and easier to see.
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Oh now its great.. wow they are beautiful!! Look at Rocket!
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Cute Picture! I love Rocket!
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Very pretty kitties! I love their bunk beds
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Great picture! I really like thoes bunks too. I need something like that!
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You have very beautiful kitties.
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Thats a awsome picture you made there . I love your babies .
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that is so cool! Your cats are adorable and I want my hubby to build one of those cases, my guys would love to sleep on that...although they will all fit over the top bunk
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That's great! I hope THEY didn't empty the shelves though... hiccup!
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The cat on the floor is an Aby, right? I think they are just so beautiful.
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what a great idea!!! My hubby thinks it totally neat, (he's going to try to get one from the liquor store he works beside) LOL. Bunk beds!
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