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dougbug's kitties!

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Posting for dougbug. Here is Blackie ( the tux ) and Stripey!

LMAO I love this one!!!!!!!!!

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HA! I love that last one too! Cute kitties!
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OMG there are my boys for all to see thank you sicy soooo much. i dont know what the heck stripey was doing in that last pic.
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AWWW! Widdle Black Nose!!!! Ahem. Sorry. I really like Blackie's markings.

Both of them are very cute! And you gotta love that last pic of Stripey. Any time you can catch them when they lose their composure is always funny.
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they are so pretty . I also think the last one is funny
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They are great pictures dougbug! Stripey looks like she's about to say something important!
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That last one is a definite Caption This Contender!
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They are all cute but that last one is a real giggle! I wonder what he was doing when you got that picture?
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What pretty kitties! And yup, LMAO at the last one.
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Caro!!!!! It's so good to finally see your kitties!

Beautiful and I love that last one!
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OMG that last one is a real hoot Pretty babies I am glad to finally see your babies.
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awwww what cuties!!!
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Boy those cats look healthy and happy looking. That last pic is a hoot!
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I love that last one, looks like he is saying, 'man, that is the nastiest tasting bug I have had in a while, whew, what a kick'
very pretty kitties
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Cute cats and YES, LOVE that last one! Definitely enter it in the caption contest.
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Cute cats! hehe, looks like the last one was saying...'Ummmm....I'm not sure about that last meow/action I just had/did...."
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What cutiepies you have!!
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they're gorgeous! and certainly look like a couple of characters!
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thanks for all your complimants, i also think they are very handsome they are 4 yrs. old and are both neutered males, litter mates. i have no idea what stripey was doping in that last pic. but i thought it was so cute i do take good care of them thats for sure.
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