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Oh...CindyW, Thank you so much for taking this little black kitty into your home, whether it is temporary or permanent! I feel so sorry for abandoned cats
Like others have said some people are just sick and will do very mean things to cats, especially black ones. That makes me love them even more - poor things!

Please keep us posted. I hope he/she finds a permanent home
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awwww that alittle cutie!!!

girls look like they have alittle slit and it is closer to there anus, boys have alittle dot and it is further away.
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Hello everyone,

I wish I had happier news to report. I called my co-worker/friend this morning about the kitten. She really wanted it, but, after spending the night thinking about the kitten, she decided that it wouldn't be good for her to take him. She is in her 50's, widowed. She lives on her own in a house that is becoming harder to maintenance all the time. She is considering a move into an apartment or town-home where she will not have to worry about yard-work, etc. She is an animal lover like me, and the rest of us here. She didn't feel that it would be fair to the kitty to take him, only to have to give him up in the future should she want to get into an apartment. She knows that most apartment and townhomes wouldn't accept pets.

I checked with everyone I know to see if anybody would be interested in the kitten. No one. Everyone either has too many pets, or just didn't want another.

I spoke to Scott, and he said that there is no way we could keep another pet, even through Halloween So, I called the Humane Society and spoke to them at length about him being black, Halloween and that whole scenario. She said that they have strict criteria for adopting out their pets, and was aware of the situation of black cats & Halloween.

So...I just got back from bringing the little kitty to the Humane Society. The lady that I spoke with there said that they do not have many cats/kittens right now, and feels like he has a decent chance of getting adopted (I hope that wasn't just said for my benefit). She examined the little kitty and said that he most definitely had worms. They will worm him, do the vaccinations, etc.

I feel like such a heel. Horrible. What an easy way out. I would have loved to keep him. But...I do understand Scott's point, too. I ask a lot of him to keep 6 pets. A lot of husbands wouldn't put up with that many pets. Mine does. I also know my financial limitations. I honestly cannot afford to have another one.

I just wish I could have kept him...
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Cindy - I am sorry you had to give him up, but at least you were there when he really needed you! I am sure that they will take at least until Halloween to treat him for the worms and then he will be adopted by a loving family! You did the right thing for you and your family.
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You did what you could. Most shelters are in the know and put a freeze on adopting black cats around Halloween. Sounds like maybe this one is similar. I am sorry you cannot keep him, but cats change your life and affect your finances, no one here that I know of would fault you for not keeping this kitty. Had you kept him past Halloween, both you and Scott would have fallen in love with him thus increasing the stress on your pocketbook. At least he will get veterinary care, and it is way past kitten season, so he does have a chance.
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Cindy W , It's ok . You did what you could and that what counts . The kitten looks like a sweetie pie and I am sure he will find a good home . So don't worry it will be ok .
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I'm sure it will be ok. Don't be hard on yourself about not being able to keep the kitty. Maybe you can check on him and that will make you feel better.
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Thanks a lot for the nice words and thoughts.

I'm feeling really down about the whole thing. Feeling like I should have been able to do more for little kitty.

Thanks for lifting my spirits a bit.

I'm thinking about calling out to the Humane Society next week to see how he is doing. Kind of scared to...worried what I might hear. But, yet, I want to know what happens to him one way or the other. I'll let you know what I find out.

Say a prayer for a sweet little kitty and for all the others out there who have the same struggle.

Cindy W.
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So sorry you had to give the little sweetie up but as you know it was for the best!

Thanks for being a good meowmy to him, even if it was for a short while.

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Just thought I would let everyone know that I called the Humane Society today to check on little kitty.

He is physically doing much better. His big tummy is back to normal...he just had a nasty belly full of worms. He is eating good and is doing fine.

I asked how much time he has left, and she thought quite a bit. He is still in the quarantine room from what I understand, and he will be moving into the adoption room when there is a spot for him there.

I will be calling next week to check on him. I hope and pray he gets adopted. Keep him in your thoughts.

Cindy W.
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awww....thank you for updating us on him! i was just wondering how he was today i'm glad to hear that those worms have been cleaned up.
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I will say a prayer for a furrever home for him
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I'm so glad you called to check on him! Please keep us updated!
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Any news on this little angel?
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I have the very best of news to report today!!!

I just was out to our Humane Society...little black kitty was just adopted THIS MORNING by a family!!!!!!!

I am soooooo happy I could just jump for joy!!!

I am beyond happy...I thought for sure that I had given this kitty a death sentence by bringing him to the shelter. I seriously doubted that he would be adopted and find a home. Oh...I am just ecstatic!!! I wanted to share the good news with everyone. Little black kitty had a happy ending!

Other animal news from me...

Well, I found a beautiful little boxer out at the Humane society today. He is a purebred from his appearance. I try to keep an eye on their Boxers and help get them placed into Boxer Rescue. I was able to help an older, fawn Boxer get placed with our Boxer Rescue in MN a few years back I am going to try hard to get this one into rescue, too. I took my digital camera with me (I knew he was there due to an ad the HS had placed in the paper) and took some pictures of him, which I will post here for you all (I know this is a CAT forum, but, I didn't think you guys would mind, since most of you are lovers of all animals). This little guy has to be held until Friday Nov 14th, to see if he had owners who would claim him. This would be the very best case scenario. He is quite thin, so I wonder if he has a family? If no claims are made on him, I will try to get it arranged for him to enter Boxer rescue, even if I have to foster him for awhile. My hubby LOVES Boxers, and if he felt it was a TEMPORARY situation, I think...he might? agree. At any rate, I'm going to help however I can. I just love this precious baby already!!!

I should NEVER go to the Humane Society...I always get myself into these sorts of!

OK...I'll send along some pics for you folks to enjoy!

Thanks for all your prayers and kitty vibes for little black kitty...they worked! Now...need some more for a beautiful little sweet Boxer boy

Cindy W.
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Awwwwww that's great!!! thanks for keeping us updated
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I'm so glad the kitty found a home!! And the boxer is just adorable!!!! I would take him in a second, but I am definitely maxed out on dogs!
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Thanks for the update, that is GREAT news! I'm so happy he found his furrever home, it's always so fantastic to hear. We got all of our kitties from shelters, so I try to feel upbeat about the others too.

Keeping fingers crossed for the little boxer. What a cutie.
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Cindy that is SUCH great news about the little black kitty!!! May he have a long and happy life with his new family!

What a sweet face on that boxer. I hope his family reclaims him, but with you on his side he is in pretty good hands.
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Oh that's fantastic news about little black kitty! Yay!

That boxer is gorgeous..
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Yay glad to hear the kitty found a home!

Hope the boxer finds a home too!
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I have a hold placed on this precious boy. The Boxer Rescue group that I am working with has agreed to take him and they have several wonderful homes just waiting for a Boxer!

I plan to pick him up Saturday afternoon, if that will work out, or early Monday morning. I will be driving this boy half-way to Minneapolis, where she will meet me half-way. She will take him into her rescue and foster him/assess him for 2 weeks to note his behavior, temperament, etc. to ensure that he is well-matched with his new adoptive family.

I am so happy to help this little guy

I'll let you know how things all turn out. I'm still just tickled pink that little black kitty found a home. Now, it sounds like this little boy will find a home as well

Cindy W.
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Way to go, Cindy! It's wonderful that you've been able to help both of these animals find new homes!!!

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That's so sad! I remember when our little kitty 'star' was lost and we looked EVERYWHERE for her! I even chased another cat thinking it was her. I then found her just down the road in someone's carport. She was mewing SOOO LOUD! I think this was a day later.

She was so happy to see everyone that she knocked everyone down when she ran into them to rub up against em! It was just the funniest thing! We gave her away though, I hope she got a good home!
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Turns out the cutie-pie Boxer boy was adopted before I had to go pick him up to transport him into rescue.

One of our local physicians, who is a Boxer owner and lover, adopted him Saturday Yeah...he will have the BEST of everything, including two other Boxer playmates.

I was disappointed for myself, as I had wanted to spend some time with But...very VERY happy for this precious dog.

Just wanted to update you on the good news!

Cindy W.
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WOW that is great news for me , both animals are having homes . This is so wonderfull . Thank you for doing all you do to help them , not every body would do that so willing .
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YAY! I'm so happy the kitty and dog both found good homes! You must be so relieved!
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