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Oh nooooo, baby kitty on our back porch :(

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I'm at work right now. Just got a call from my husband. Turns out there is a black baby kitty on our back screened in deck. He is lost. Little. Crying He found his way into our backyard and evidently, with help from my kids, was brought into our back porch to be given food and water (good job kids!).

Now...I have been strongly warned by my husband No more cats! Don't even THINK about it!

Ohhhhhhhh...Scott says he is crying on the back porch. I am going home around 10:30pm tonight. How can I ever leave him outside? I have no idea how old he is. Old enough to be able to eat is all I know. Scott says he must go to the Humane Society tomorrow

I can't stand it. I'm already sad and I haven't even been home to see the little kitty.

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow morning. Wish me luck with my kitty situation...send all your wonderful kitty vibes this way!!!

Cindy W.
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maybe some one dumped the baby . Poor thing . Bless your heart I know how you must feel . Be sure I will say a prayer for the hole situation and a good home for the baby
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Cindy tell Scott to bring it inside and tell him you must keep it until after Halloween. Please don't take a black kitty to a shelter, not this close to Halloween- so many of them are subjected to bad things during this holiday it would make your teeth rot to know what happens to them!
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Yes, PLEASE get that baby inside!! It's too cold for a little baby outside.

And I have to agree with MA - beg and plead if you have to, but very bad things happen to black kittens this time of year.
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Ok...I'm going home, and hopefully the little kitty will still be on our back porch. Scott is kind of a softie, (he's probably out on the back porch checking on him as I type this, if I know him as well as I think I do

I will beg, grovel, whatever it takes to keep the little kitty in the house over night. I could never EVER stand it to have the little kitty outside crying. I just COULDN'T take it.

I never thought about the Halloween thing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Hissy. Scott said that he/she is pure black. Cute as a bug, as he put it. I will talk to Scott about that. I have a co-worker I am working with who doesn't have any pets at the moment, and has in the past said that she was thinking about getting a pet. I'm talking to her in a few minutes about this. I hope she might be interested.

Ohhh...I can't believe this. Now...I can't wait to get out of here and home. I just want to snuggle with that poor little baby and give him some warmth, TLC and the attention that he deserves. People p*ss me off so bad when it comes to situations like this. Why oh why can't people spay/neuter their pets? How can people let this stuff happen?

I am good friends with our vet. I have the day off tomorrow. If I can get in to see him tomorrow (I have to pay off the rest of Duncan's enormous vet bill tomorrow anyway)...I will try to bring this little kitty to him for exam, shots, and whatever else is needed. Ohhhh, I'm going to be sooooo broke. But, somebody has to help him out. I'm a sucker for animals. They seem to find me. Just last week it was a baby squirrel situation. This week it is a baby kitty situation. What next?!?!?!?

Again, send me every bit of kitty vibes you've got. Say a little prayer for this poor little soul. I'll update you all tomorrow morning.

Cindy W.
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oh man , I was not even thinking that far . I agree with both posts , please keep the baby till after halloween .
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do what ever ya need to do to keep the baby until atleast after halloween. I have made some pretty interesting deals with hubby for my cats and dogs
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Hissy made an excellent point. I hope your hubby will let you keep it until after halloween.
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Sending some good vibes for the kitty. Please try to get Steve to bring the kitty in and to try to keep it until after Halloween.
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SEnding good kitty vibes here too. I hope he/she can come inside at least until after Halloween.
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Sure hope she checks in soon. I hope the black baby was still around when she got home.
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Here is my share of positive kitty vibes! Good luck CindyW!
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Ohhhhh the poor kitty - if he/she were on my porch i would
keep it until i find the owners,i coulden't just leave
it there crying
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Oh poor little sweetie!! Good luck Cindy!! ((((( good kitty vibes your way )))))
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Oh now I'm dying to know if the little one was there when she got home?????

Good luck Cindy!
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Any News?

I hope the black kitty is okay!

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Good morning,

Yes, the little black kitten was in my back porch when I got home. Ohhhhhh...so cute! And...affectioniate! I immediately sat down in our back porch when I got home, and here jumps up kitty and gave me the biggest kitty kiss I've ever had! lol! Literally stuck his little nose right to my lips...hahaha! Purred and purred. Just a doll!

I'm concerned about kitty. He is very skinny, but, has a VERY distended abdomen. He is eating like a little piggy. What could that big, hard distended tummy be from? He smelled a little like diarrhea? I don't know if he's been having loose stools, or what. Worms possibly?

Kitty spent the night in the garage That was the best I could do. Don't worry though. Our garage is HEATED. I made a little house out of a cardboard box for him, put Scott's thick, flannel shirt and a blanket in it for him. He was nice and toasty warm. In fact, this morning, he is in the exact same spot that he was when I put him in there last night.

We didn't bring him in the house for a couple of reasons. First of all...our inside cats. This little kitty doesn't look particularly healthy. I was worried about worms, parasites, fleas, etc. Scott...was worried about me getting too attached (hmmm...well, THAT's too late).

I'm going to try to get him in to be seen by our vet today (I hope...this morning, but...doubtful). I really would like my co-worker to adopt him, but...I'm afraid that even though he is cute as a bug...she will notice that big distended tummy and ribs poking out and think he is sickly. I hope that won't put her off. He also appears to be a medium to long hair kitten. She had talked about wanting a shorter haired cat. I can't really tell about the hair thing. I've only had shorthaired cats.

I'm going to be very busy this morning with this little baby. Going to try to get him seen and hopefully will bring him over to see my coworker before noon to see if she would like this precious baby.

I'd like to hear from the folks with experience with stray kittens...or experience with kitten health issues.
  • How do I tell if it is male or female?
  • Any ideas about why the big tummy?
  • How can I tell its age?

I will try to get a picture of him this morning and post it. Maybe he will let me take his picture! He is soooo sweet. A KISSING KITTY!
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Good luck with him. I hope your co-worker will take him!
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He sounds like a doll! I think you did the right thing keeping him away from your other cats. He could have worms. That would explain the thinness and distended belly.
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I just called the vet tech and she is pretty sure that the big tummy is probably due to 1. malnourishment 2. worms, parasites. She said...easily remedied and probably nothing to be terribly concerned about. (At least I can let my friend know why the big tummy, so she doesn't get too scared off)

For now, kitty is safe and sound.

Here are some pics of this sweet soul

Cindy W.
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Here's another picture.
Cindy W.
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Very cute! That second picture is almost identical to your avatar!
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Very sweet!
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awwwwwww what a cutie baby kitten . I am so happy the baby was not out in the cold . I agree with having worms/parasites and no good food . Thats usualy what happens when they are outsite and they are so little they catch it fast .I hope you will find a home for the kittie and he/she will health wise be ok . Did you lift the tail to look what gender it is ? Thats the only way to see it Good luck with the kitten keep us posted .
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Oscar had a distended tummy when I found him - signs of diarrhea and the vet found coccidia (an intestiinal parasite). It is probably good for you to leave him separated for a while. If you can afford it, get a stool culture on the little guy.

He is so cute - looks a lot like my Muddy-guy!!

P.S. Crying to my husband about keeping a furbaby has worked for me in the past......LOL
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Now...this is going to sound very stupid. Me being a nurse and all, but...HOW DO I TELL IF IT IS A GIRL OR A BOY?!!! I know that sounds very very dumb, but, what am I looking for? He/she is very little and I suppose his/her "parts"...lol...would be very little also...hahaha! What am I looking for here? HELP! Cindy W.
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Maybe the kitten is still to tini to tell the gender yet and you may have to wait . Or if you go to the vet you can ask there , they are usualy more experianced with that .
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I am dying for an update as to whether it was adopted, what the vet finally said, how is she now...
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Please don't laugh at this, but our friends adopted 2 kittens from the last orphaned litter we had. They said they wanted boys, and as a joke, we took a picture of them in a "compromising" position to prove it to them. I hope this is not too racey for the forum! LOL

This is what a male looks like at 23 days old (ignore the wet spots - they were just given a sponge bath):
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I'm glad his royal blackness stumbled against your home versus others. The way my vet showed me this year to tell gender on small ones can only be done if the kitten allows you to touch him without biting.

Here is a webpage describing how to tell as well

sexing kittens
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