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OMG I just got your package! I loved the paper with the paw prints and so many toys! I am covered with catnip and cat toys!!!! I love the fat kitty statue and will find a place to put it soon. The best part is the cats can't knock it down and break it! I have a house full of jingling balls and frantic cats! LOL

Thank you and your furbabies for the wonderful gifts!!!
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Hey DragonLady!!!!!

I 'just' wrote you a complete and long letter.....BUTT it also 'just' disappeared. I'm happy to hear you and yours enjoyed the package. My kittys were so insulted when I packed the little bags away instead of giving them to them. So you opened all the bags....I understand kind of like taking a tiny bite out of all the chocolates in the box.

The fat cat sat on my printer until I found a box for shipping, when I sent her the area looked empty and so I went and got another. A twin.

I shut my home internet off. At $45 a month and me only going online about twice a month I figured I could spoil my kittys (more) instead. They have gotten 2 new platform thingys(very discriptive) already. I love to sit and watch them all upside down and running inside out, funny stuff.

Ok, I'll come and check the site more often here from school, I miss you all. C-ya.......Dali
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