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Vet visit update

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Tonight was the visit for Abby and Morgan. I wasnt able to get Jayce in tonight, unfortunately. His is on Saturday for his face and a shot.

Anyway, Abby and Morgan are great and healthy!! They estimated Abby to be older than we originally thought, so instead of approx 3 years he thought closer to 5. So, thats the only real news. Abby weighs a little over 10 lbs now though! Shes gained a few lbs since I brought her home in July.

Same with Morgan, he is a little over 13 lbs! Hes my chunk! The vet said he checked out as healthy though!! His breathing was fine and no sign of respitory problems or anything, so as long as the sneezing doesnt get worse, it should be fine. And he hasnt sneezed in the last 2 or so days I think.

Clipped their nails for me too, which was great. Hes really a nice vet so I was very happy to have him again. Sat we get a new vet for Jayce, hopefully he is just as good and nice.

Thought Id just let anyone know who might be interested
Also, an interesting thing... Abby is usually my crabby one and Morgan is a mellow guy who has never bitten and hissed only a few times at Jayce when we first them together. But tonight at the vet, it was kind of a personality switch! Abby was completely docile and friendly and cooperative, only a few pathetic meows and no hisses But Morgan was not so happy and hissed a lot. Interesting, eh!
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Heehee Abby and Morgan! Glad to hear the vet checkup was uneventful - that is always good. It is so nice when you get a good vet too!
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Good to hear their vet visit was pretty uneventful.
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Probably Abby thought the vet was cute and tried to impress him. Morgan got jealous!
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Glad that everything went well!
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Thanks everyone
More of an update on Jayce today since he had his appt this morning.

He had that rash thing going on around his mouth and face/neck area so we checked that out. He first suspected fungal, but did a black light thing on him in the dark and around his body and didnt see anything glowing. Apparently about 30% of the most common fungals will glow in blacklight. Since we ruled that out, he figures it is probably bacterial which is much easier to treat. He gave him some anitibiotic pills. 2 a day for 10 days. Luckily, they are small pills. Wish me luck in getting them down!! We pilled him with a much larger worm pill and that went ok, so hopefully he will cooperate. Of all my cats, he is probably the easiest so Im glad about that.

He also got a booster distemper and we checked out his ears and such. He was a very very good boy He can be so darn sweet, you wonder if hes actually alive in your arms He just mellows right down and the vet thought he was great!

Anyway, just though I would share that part as well
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Oh and I forgot to add his weight! Hes my skinny boy. He was just about 7 lbs when I got him from the shelter but has already put on just over a lb in a little over a month. (so now he is 8.something)
Hes my tiny guy, especially compared to chubby Morgan at 13 lbs!
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