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This is Funny!!!

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Jake can be very persistent when he wants my love and attention. If I am sitting watching TV, he'd come up to me, jump on me, and nuzzle me. He will keep on doing it until I start to pet him. Then he will sit on my chest and purr. Or if I am lying on the bed, he would put himself infront of the book. If I try to put the book around him, he would put a paw on it. If the book is on the bed, he would lay ON the book and look at me and say
"You Will Play With Me Now!!!!" If I am trying to sleep, he would get on my chest and nuzzle my face and purr. he would nudge my hands. He gives me the look of pet me. Give me love.
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I've got one like that to. Termite, I raised him from the time he was one week and one day old. Soooo he thinks he is a people -or maybe he thinks of me as a cat!!!!

His favorite thing lately is getting on my lap here at the puter. I have a cat "Felix" that wanders all over the screen. Termy watches him till he gets bored. My puter is on an old library table in front of a window. So when hes bored he gets on the table and sits looking out the window.

He also VERY jealous of his sister Lizzy and half brother Max.
Like I should give all my attention to him only.

But I love him.

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