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Which brand canned food???

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Ok which brand do you like best for price and nutrition?
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I'd have to go with Friskies for Sphinx since he only lies it and nothing else for canned (I've tried almost everything else on him).

Kuce will eat Friskies, Fancy Feast and Nutro.
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I use the Dick Van Patten one. And I ordered some Wellness.
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Innova, Wellness, Eagle Pack and Active Life.
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Innova and Natural Balence.
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They love the chicken casserole
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My kitties love the Wellness canned food, I also think it's a really great food.
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Nutro and Natural Balance.
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Patches won't eat canned food the little stinker
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Nutro, all good in all ways! I did not taste it, LOL, but I know what is in it and not in it.
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Solid Gold and Innova, which I often have trouble getting over here. JC doesn't like the "Nutro minis", and won't eat anything in a "big can", meaning anything over 80 - 100 g (about 3 - 4 ounces). I'm not kidding. I have to open the can right in front of him, or he won't eat the food. He also gets an organic cat food from Italy called "almo nature", which must be one of the most expensive cat foods in the world - a 2-ounce (70 g) can costs over a dollar, and I buy in bulk! It is 74% organic meat and/or fish, 1% rice, and 24% spring water. I can't get Wellness or Fancy Feast here, and Science Diet also isn't sold in little cans in the E.U., though it is in the U.S.. He prefers dry food, but I worry about kidney problems, so no matter what the price, if he'll eat a certain canned food, I buy it!
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Sometimes Wellness, when I get to the feed store across town that carries it (it's really good stuff but hard to get), but mostly Science Diet, Nutro, or Pro Plan. I do feed them Fancy Feast sometimes, too. They eat mostly dry food, with a couple of teaspoons a day of canned to prevent hairballs & constipation.
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Natura Innova
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No canned food here, only the dry stuff...
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Fancy Feast. I've tried any number of brands, and this is the only one they go for -- and only certain varieties, at that -- no fish, thanks all the same; no point giving them anything with chunks in gravy -- they lick off the gravy and walk away, and next meal time I throw out a bunch of dried out meat. I use two cans of Fancy Feast a day among three cats, and the rest is dry, which they munch on as they want.
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