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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a big think ya!

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Well it was a long hard 7 monthes, and we spent ALOT ALOT ALOT of money, but I know have ALL the ferals fixed and upto date on there shots. Now they are happy little house cats (expect lilly who is mia but atlease she is fixed)

And I could NOT have done it with out hissy and Laurie I just wanted to thank you two for you gently pushing for me to do the right thing with catching snowwhite. Now hubby and I can hopefully go on break to try to save up some money for next kitten season when we will strickly be rehoming and/or tnr because our kitty hotel is full you can check in any time you like but you can never leave

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Congratulations! Isn't that a great feeling!

(don't bother looking at the vet bills....it will only depress you)

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my congrats to you , that is very exciting news .
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Thank you Val, for not turning a deaf ear on such an important issue. Now I hope you will stop rescuing so that Snowhite doesn't become so stressed out she will get sick on you. I don't think your heart could bare losing her at an early age could it? It is good of you to be a rescuer, but there is a time to stop, and your time is at hand.
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Congrads to you and a big thank you!!!
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we are going to stop for alittle while. 12 cats is keep us more then busy and broke.
Snowwhite is so laid back around other cats. I'm not really worried about stressing her. She stays in "her room" Sometimes if we are in the living room she will peak out but she never leaves that room. She is such a funny cat. With that said I dont' want to expose any more cats to her. Hopefully she will be with use for another 10 years or more!
Me on the other hand! I can't take much more stress. I think we are going to focus on building my business and saving money. I really want to pay off this house, then build a new house behind it and convert this house into my business/rescue. That will take years though, but it would be worth it when it was done.
It is amazing what a turn around the cats make after being with us. Granet the biter will cuddle alittle now. Lola that hissed, growled and was just unhappy when we first meant walked right up to my mom when we took her to my moms house for a visit and snuggled with her!
It seems that rich and i have just have a knack for helping cats come out of there shell and I don't want to waste that....
with that said I don't want to burn myself, or my resources out either!
So we worked hard for seven monthes and now it is time to rest!
I just cant beleave they are finally all fixed!
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Good for you Val! And more importantly Good for the kitties!!
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That is awesome!! Congrats!!
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Excellent News Val!

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What wonderful news! I tip my hat to you for taking on this challenge and following it through until everyone was altered! Yippee!
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KUDOS to you and your hubby!!!!
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Oh Val, what wonderful, wonderful news!!!!!!! I remember that feeling - although Gary and I missed one female. Unfortunately, apparently she didn't survive the winter, but she never became part of the colony either. And what an incredible Spring this was... no kittens! Unless you contact a shelter or vet to help with the strays that get anonymously dropped off, there might not be as much work next year as you're prepared for.

Isn't the Cat Site a wonderful place? I loved learning all I did - and I'm still learning! It's such a wonderful feeling.

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