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We are moving! What to do with Peaches??? (long)

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We adopted a stray cat named Peaches back in April. Since then she has been living, quite confortably on my front porch and occasionally in the bedroom with us.
Here is the link to her thread that I started from the beginning http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...l&pagenumber=1
We are moving to a new house the middle of November and I am very scared that if I relocate her to the front porch of the new house, she might get disoriented and run away, or worse get hurt.
I want to keep her because I am in love with her. She is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. She is declawed and spayed (by her original owners).
What I need some advice on is this. I have a couple of options here:
Should I place her at the local no-kill animal shelter here in my area? They are very animal friendly and sponser adoption days. Hoping she will be adopted by someone who will give her a good furrever home? Here is thier site http://www.catsexclusive.org/
Should I build her a shelter out back of the new house and have her live in that?
Should I try to place her on the doorstep of the new house and hope nothing happens to her?
Bringing her inside the house is not an option, we already have 4 indoor cats and our cats are not accepting to her.

I really need some advice and help with this. I think I already know what the answer will be (placing her with a new owner), but it will break my heart to see her go and I will be so worried that she may go to someone who will let her back outside and she will become a stray again. I couldn't bare to let that happen to her.
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Can you start building an outdoor enclosure right now?? That would be a perfect option. Then when she is used to the area you can let her out to the front porch?
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Maybe you could explain Peaches situation to a no-kill shelter and ask about having her temporarily placed in a foster home for a couple of months while you deal with moving. During that time, you could also be getting an outdoor enclosure ready for Peaches when she returns to your home.

Just my 2 cents...
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Cocoa, I would build the enclosure for her, let her stay with you. She is used to you, and any more change in her life is not going to be that great, but if she has familiar objects in her life, she should be better through the upheavel. If you can make her a nice roomy enclosure where she can stay safe that is what I would do. The biggest issue is her missing her claws, she can't protect herself and her new owner (if they could indeed find one) may not be able to understand the dangers Peaches faces not having claws.
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Thanks for the advice, I am going now to search for outdoor enclosure threads...
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I would go with the outdoor enclosure too.
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We're looking for a bird aviary that can be converted into a Cat enclosere.

I agree with others, Peaches needs to stay with you Ginger-
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I really want her to stay with me. I am thinking of building an enclosure out back at the new house.
We will have people mowing our lawn there like they do here. When they come, Peaches gets really scared and runs away until they are gone. I am worried that is she is in an enclosure, that she will be so afraid because she will not be able to run and hide.
Any suggestions?
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Is there an enclosed porch or room (like a laundry room or basement) that you could attach (or make a run) to? That way she would not only have a safe place to hide when they mow the lawn, but also a safe place to go in bad weather. This could also make it easier for your inside kitties to get used to her more, but still be separated.
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If you can find an old hollow log lying around somewhere and put that in the enclosure, she will have a place to hide. They make them pre-fab just for cats Natural Tree makes one and they go make nice and secure hidey holes.
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Heidi- I live in South Florida so we don't have basements or bad weather LOL! It does rain alot here so I would have to figure out a way to make a covered area for the enclosure.
I will look into a log for her, again, there are no "real" trees laying around to pick from, only dead palm tree leaves
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Originally posted by Coco Maui

Should I try to place her on the doorstep of the new house and hope nothing happens to her?
I agree with all the others. .. build an enclosure.

Do NOT simply place her on the doorstep of the new house. When you move, there has to be a place where she can be safely contained for a minimum of 2 weeks and optimally 4 weeks, whether that be the enclosure, a garage, laundry room, etc. The majority of outdoor access cats who go missing do so soon after a house move because they were let out into foreign territory before they had a chance to develop their own territory in the new place.

Hope your move goes well!
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I agree with them... build an enclosure.. gives Peaches somewhere to hide from the weather too... keep us updated..
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I agree that she would be better off with you. I would buy a small insulated doghouse for her enclosure. If you would rather bring her inside I have some great tips for you. A couple of years ago I had to introduce 2 kitties into my household of 4 not so accepting fur devils. It was a slow, slow, process but in the end it worked fine.
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I would definately bring her along on your move. She has learned to trust and love you. If you didn't bring her, she would feel abandoned again. If you don't think it's possible for her to be introduced into the rest of the household, then I would build and indoor outdoor enclosure for her. She needs you.
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