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2nd Spaying

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I'm so upset been crying all evening....they have to RE DO 64 spaying....I can't believe it...why ? My poor little kitty doesn't have enough this....she was a stray, we took her in, she has the Herpes Virus and one kidney and supposedly one ovary and one uterine when I took her a usually nice kitty had to be sedated for them to take we're home 2 hours later and she is still acting doped up......I love her so much and I can't bare for this to happen again......this is a good VET she has been my daughters dogs Vet for 14 years.....I'm now afraid for her to RE DO....but she is having another VET sit in as well, and there is no charge *( which is the least of my worries ) l*


Pease pray for 64

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I am so sorry your kitty is having all these issues.  Having to redo a spay happens, not a huge problem but it isn't rare.  It happens enough that I am sure that even very good vets have to occasionally redo a spay.  You have an honest vet in that there will be no charge.

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Just chiming in to wish you well. She is a beautiful kitty, and looks strong. This too shall pass :alright:

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How hard is it on a cat ?

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I am really sorry you are dealing with this. My mom has 9 cats. All girls and one boy all of which are fixed.

Out of the 8 girls (all spayed at the same vet, a VERY good vet at that) one has to be re-spayed. I'm not sure how hard it is because my mom hasn't took her back in it to do her spay again. Just chiming in to say it does happen, even with good vets. I use the same vet for my fur kids and my mom has been going there for around 10 years.

Good luck!
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Please all keep my baby 64 in your prayers  I am beside myself with worry*

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Mega vibes.gif for 64! I don't know how common it is, but have heard of it. We took in a former neighbor's spayed cat that turned out to be a cryptoorchid hermaphrodite, so she had to have abdominal surgery again. The recovery time wasn't too bad - 8 - 10 days, IIRC.
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I just read in your other thread in the Behavior forum, that 64's tests came back normal and that they're not re-doing her spay. Great news!!!  :clap:

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So how do you explain how she's acting ? So strange....

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Like I said in your other thread in the behavior forum, in your video someone was petting her on her lower back. Quite a few cats like that. My two kittens love it, both my spayed female and neutered male! To me, the behavior in the video looked like she was just enjoying your attentions.  A cat in heat will usually behave that way around the clock, whether someone is petting her or not...even when you are in another room or not home.  And they also tend to talk quite a bit, frequently getting louder and 24/7 as the days go by... again, even when a human or other animal isn't around her at all.  If your video showed her on the other side of the room behaving that way, and talking to no one in particular at all, then I'd start to question things.

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I have seen several cats act like that when they are petted.  It can take 8 weeks or so to get all their hormones out of their system from a spay.

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She's beautiful kinda of looks like my Maia I hope everything goes well she is going to need lots of love!!
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Omg they do look alike. Awwwww. 64 was spayed dec 9 it's feb 22
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Omg they do look alike. Awwwww. 64 was spayed dec 9 it's feb 22
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