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Guess what?????

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My cats know their names and they know who's who. I think that's pretty good after only 3 weeks with me. This morning I woke up alone in bed (an unusal occurance in & of it self) Then I called Levi & he came running. Usually they both come when I call one name. So after I said good morning to Levi, I called "Where's my Jordan?" & then Jordan came running. It was so cool. I think they learned there names fast. They're my smart little boys.
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Cats really are very smart. Growing up, I never had any pets, and it was just cemented in my mind that animals weren't intelligent; I thought they just reacted on instincts. When I found Snowball, I kept calling her by that name but was never sure if she knew that it was her name or not. She's an outside kitty, and quite loving, so whenever I come outside she runs to greet me whether I call her name or not.

The other day I found out for sure she knows her name. I was playing with Junior, a feral kitten, and Snowball jumped the fence of my backyard to see what the fuss was about. Junior looked a little worried, so I said "Junior, it's okay." No reaction from Snowball. Then I said "Hi Snowball!" and she meowed at me.
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I was just so happy & excited that they know their names I wanted to share it with people who I knew would understand. I had Smokey for 17 years so of coarse she knew her name & I guess I wasn't sure how long it would take for them to learn their names, but I'm very excited. It also tells me they are bonding to me. I love them, but I've been longing for some sign that they know I'm Mom. When you've had a cat a long time you take for granted that they trust you & this has been a chalenge for me emotionaly because they don't trust right away & it was wonderful when they came to their names this morning.
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Wooohooo!! Glad to hear things are going so well! It IS so heartwarming when you see/hear progress. Hope they're helping to heal your heart.

Jordan and Levi for making your parent so happy
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