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Water in The Carrier

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Recently I took Jake on a trip with me and found that the food and water dish that comes with the carrier is not good. The food maybe, but the water gets all over. Can cats drink out of the bottles that rabbits and other rodents use? And is there a way to put it in the carrier. Or any other way to minimize the mess?
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I have moved my cats across country twice with a bottle like that. I have a hard sided carrier and attach the bottle to the metal mesh door. I line the bottom with newspaper so that any leakage is absorbed. I just remove the top wet layers and underneath is dry, but it does sometimes take a whole Sunday paper! Most of my cats don't like long car rides and go on hunger strikes, so water has been very important.
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My first thoughts were "how were you driving" and "how full did you fill the bowl"? Many people, when they drive, forget about the pets in the carriers who are not strapped in and have no idea when turns and stops are about to happen. Consequently, while the cat may be standing or moving about the car comes to a sudden stop and he goes flying. Basically it's the same with water. You don't need to put much in the bowl, just check it periodically. Cats need water more than food and unless you are going on a drive with no stops I would withhold the food until you stop; dry food adds to thirst. Feeding also adds to the need to eliminate and with no litterbox in the carrier you will have one unhappy camper! When you stop for gas, check the water.

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When we went camping with our kittens sometimes we put them in a cage in the trailer when we had to go somewhere etc. I used a guinea pig bottle for them. They used it and the water did not get spilled or dirty. Also used while traveling in the car.
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