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What is Step or Strep (sp) ?

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Snowball has the longest upper Rasp. infection I know , for 3 month now . No medication really worked out for him . So about 2 weeks ago when Snowbal had his last appointment the vet took a sample from his hmmmm lets say snneeze to send to the lap . Well today i got finaly a call from the vet and telling me he had a step ? or strep ? I am not really sure how to spell it . Any body in here know what it is ? And also is it contagious to the others ? I do have a appointment tomorrow by the vet with Snowbal and Jezabel ( she has a litter box problem ). I just wonder if any body can give me some insite of that . Thanks
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Streptococcus is a bacterial infection (humans can get it usually as strep throat). According to the Cornell Book of Cats (just bought it today): Affected cats show signs of fever, depression, enlarged lymph nodes, inflamed throate, and tiisue swelling of the jaw. Fortunately, most streptococci are suscptible to penicillin or penicillin-type antibiotics.

Since it's contagious in humans, I would say contagious in cats (the book doesn't really say).
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wow , learnt something new . Thanks Momofmany for the info . Now I wonder how in the world did he get that ? No wonder he is always so down "sight" at least now I know what is going on with him .
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I went to the vet and Snowbal had some fiver but not really high , he was given some antibiotic and she mixed a other medication in the antibiotics together . And yes it is contagious just like in humans , but she said that Snowball is over that stage to pass it on to other cats .

Now Jezabel is healthy and was checkt for infections . So her mainly pooping out of the litter box is behavioral . I got some kind of medication to change her hormones , thats how the vet explained to me . So hopefully she will use the litter box again , but she has not pooped yesterday and today any place out of the box . Maybe becours I keep her in my bedroom now again . I am in hope's she get better now . If it don't work I may have start letting her outsite , wich I think she was a outsite cat befor or were to long abandont outsite .
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I hope Snowball gets better. I had strep throat a number of times when younger and the advice is to take the full regime of medicine even when you are feeling better. Some strep infections are difficult to clear up. You should expect at least 2 weeks of antibiotics for her (or question why you got less).
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Snowball is a male and yes he got for 2 weeks medication . Be sure if that one don't work I will be back by the vet with him , I am tired giving him meds. It is ove 3 month now he is sick .
Thanks for the get well wishes for him
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