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I Am so happy I could Scream!

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Hello Everyone!

I just want to say hi, and what a wonderful site this is!
I am now the proud owner of an 8 week Persian kitten, maybe I should not be as happy as I am because he is an "unwanted pet" A freind of a friend had him 2 days and decided it was not going to work out, so after never even thinking og getting a kitty, I now have the most adorable thing you have ever seen!

After reading up about persians I can see that 8 weeks is quite young to be away from mum. But now all I can do is be a new mum to him

He is a beautiful light cream colour I don't think he is what you would say tabby, as his colour seems quite solid. I will try post a pic at the weekend.

I have named him Romeo! You can laugh, I will let you, but serious it suits him down to the ground.

Ok I am off to do some more reading on this site, I look forward to meeting you all and I also am looking forward to getting lots of great advice and tips.

Romeo's Mum

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welcome to the site! we adore pictures here so dont be afraid to post them.
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Welcome to the site and more importantly - Welcome to the World of Cat Lovers!!! Bless you for taking this little angel in fur into your heart and home. I was the same way - never seriously given thought to owning a cat until Ophelia came into our lives. Now I'm a bonafide crazy-cat-lady! LOL
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Hello and welcome to TCS to you and Romeo.

What a nice thing you did by taking him in.
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Welcome! Bless you for taking him, and that is a very cute name, which I'm sure he will live up to! You have definitely come to the right place for info and tips. Looking forward to pics soon?
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Welcome to this wonderfull site of fun and info . Give your new kitten a big from me . Looking forward seeing some pics of Romeo .
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Welcome to TCS! Congrats on your new bundle'o love.. Persians are very cute aint they!

I'm looking forward to seeing Romeo soon.

Sam(Mummy of nine persians)
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Welcome to TCS!
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hello and welcome.
good luck with the new furbaby - Persians have SUCH sweet natures I'm sure you'll get along just fine.
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Thank you all for your lovely welcome.

I hope to be able to post a pic this weekend, I have to use a friends digital camera. I love looking at others pics on here, each one as cute as the last.

My son who is 5 adores our new addition, he has even offered him his fave hulk toy! Very honured I would say!
The thing is, my son keeps calling him Alfie!! After a fave character in a story book!! Hmmmmmm, poor kitten will have a complex!
I have a sneaky suspicion that Alfie may stick!

Thanks all again.

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Welcome! Congratulations on adopting a persian beauty! I have 5 persians, all adopted as adults. 2 of them just yesterday! There are a lot of pictures of them all in the FurPictures Only Forum! Can't wait to see your baby!
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Welcome!! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Romeo/Alfie.
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Welcome Romeo's Mum and Romeo!

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Hello and welcome to the site!

You will find quite a few persian owners here and they have a lot of advice to offer, unfortunatly I'm not one of them!

Just ask and they will answer!
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Hi and welcome!
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Welcome, theres lots of friendly people on here, Im sure you'll enjoy it.
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