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Loose Stools

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Do any of you give cats pumpkin? I know when my lab had loose stools I fed her some canned pumpkin and it really worked wonders. Our new stray kitty is a little loose, probably from going without food and now filling her tummy. I wanted to try to give her some pumpkin but wanted to make sure it is okay for kitties. Thanks
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It's fine for cats, just mix a small amount into the canned food. Chopped up and cooked green beans work too
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Thanks Hissy! Cool to know about green beans too. I have a whole bag of frozen ones from Sams club.
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..and cooked rice!
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Yep, cooked rice works too. We fed our babies rice when they had loose stools as our vet recommeded it. We mixed it with canned food and they liked it.
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And if the loose stools continue after you have followed this advice, suggest you get her to a vet - it could also be a sign of parasite infection.
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A small amount of pumpkin is fine but if it continues have a vet check the kitty out.
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Both my rescued stray kittens had worms, when I took them to the Vet. They both had diarrhea. The little black kitten (Inky) I found 2 years ago, (and we found a good home for it), well he had a tape worm that was SOOOOOO long and SOOOOOO gross!!! But the medication did not cost too much, and they felt SO much better, and became very healthy after that! If they do have parasites, they can go downhill almost overnight, so watch it carefully!!! Good luck!
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Thanks Missy&Spikes Mom, I figured she had worms since she had been living outside and eating who knows what. The vet gave her wormer today. The poops after the wormer are so smelly and she is very gassy so it must be running through her now. Ick
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I was just going to post the very same question !

So how much Canned Pumpkin should the cat have ???

Pauie my male 7yr old Bengal, has immflamatory Bowel Disease and Cancer in his Bowel. He is seeing a Homeopath, to try to help him, as the vet can only prescribe Steroids, but if I can stop his runny tummy, Pauie would be a lot more comfortable.

Any 'dosage' guidelines would be good, and also, should the pumpkin be raw or cooked ??? I know very, very, little about Pumpkins, apart from the Halloween thing, and my mum makes great soup, and roasted Pumpkin seeds from it!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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