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We Have Returned!!!

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Hi everyone. I just want to let everyone know that Jake and I have returned. But I will be off school again on Thursday of next week and will be off for a whole month until the end of August.
Jake is finally neutered and has not changed a thing. He is quite lovable. We went on a trip. He dosen't like the cat carrier so I took him out and he layed on my lap throughout the trip. He is bigger. Can you guys tell me if and how to weigh the cat on a home scale? I forgot to ask the doctor when he got neutered. I want to get another cat but I am afraid of Jake's jealousy. I don't want him to feel betrayed.
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Good to have you and Jake back! I'm glad things are going well!

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I think you can weigh your cat by first weighing yourself holding the cat. Then, weigh just yourself and subtract the second weight from the first. This should give you a good idea of how much Jake weighs.
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Nena10; Welcome back to you and Jake! Glad you both enjoyed your HOLIDAY. . . .:pinky: I want you to know that dawn91 "took up the Grail in your absence" and due to her posts it was "as if you had never (really) left us" BUT we are glad you are back all the same and look forward to hearing about your and
Jake's adventures. . . .

I think dawn91 is right about how to weigh Jake. OR you could put him and a 10 lb. bag of charcoal on the scales and subtract 10 from the total. . . .(no wait; I have my threads mixed up! DUH!
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nena 10 - welcome back! I am so thankful that you and Jake are doing well.
Hang in there.
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