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Update On Stray

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I found a vet that made time for her. She will go get her shots in the morning yipeeee. Now we just have to name her. My hubby has been calling her "that cat" hehe. My youngest son wants to call her Peanut, but I think my older boy should name her since he is the one that rescued her. Just one big happy family here. Now we are a family of 2 parents, 2 kids, 2 cats, and one dog.(No, no more dogs allowed..............unless..........)
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the vet give her a clean bill of health? when he does, then I would introduce him to you other one, then no one gets sick, we are expecting pics too
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is that the little tabby you found? She is absolutely georgous! My tabby Twig would love her! she is almost identical to him!
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I will get pics as soon as she can join the rest of the house, I have tried in the bathroom where she is temporarily staying and everytime I bend down to take a pic she comes to rub on me hehe.

Yes this is the pretty tabby girl my son found. I am praying the vet gives her the clean bill of health, it is so heart breaking to leave her shut in the bathroom. She seems just happy as can be to have all the food and water she wants, lots of loves, and a nice warm bed of her own. I have spent a lot of time in there giving her loves and she seems to crave the affection. Ryleee is so funny, she has always slept at my feet and since the stray has been in the house Ryelee wants to sleep right on top of me (not that I mind)
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Well the Rylee cat is getting jealous of moms new friend! LOL! Twig did that when we got all three of our new cats. I thought He was going to give Rocket brain damage because he was smacking him on the head so much(no claws though) but now they are the best of friends. Twig tolerates the girls though. They aren't as much fun to him. He seems to prefer one over the other each day, it's just a matter of which one on which day. LOL!
I can't wait to see pics again! she is soooooo pretty!
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I put a found ad in the paper and I am going to see if anyone calls. If they want her back then they are going to have to pay the vet expenses of shots and spay. That should let me know if they will really care for her or not. I am certain that she will be staying with our family for the rest of her life since I haven't seen an ad or flyer about her missing anywhere in town. They don't know what a sweetie they have lost. I already love her oodles.
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Wheres da pictures?
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I can't get any of her until I can take her out of "quarantine". Every time I get the camera and situate her she comes over and starts rubbing my legs. I promise to post some as soon as the vet says she is in tip top shape. Here is the one I posted the other nite, before I brought her in the house.
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Ok I'll be patient! I saw this one. She is really cute! I hope you get to keep her.
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