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Weird Question

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Ok, so my poor little kitties that I had to give away are not having a good time where they are at. I feel so awful. But what really made me kind of mad was that the person I gave them to said they were full grown cats! They are not full grown cats! Whiner may look like he's older than he is, but seriously, they are like 5-6 months old! IMO, that is not full grown! So how old exactly is a full grown cat?
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I think when they are two or three years old. I'm sorry to hear their new owners aren't treating them well.
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Can you get them back? I would if they aren't being treated to your standards.
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Well, see, the new ppl are treating them nicely...they just didn't react well to being moved after having marked their territory/standings with the other cats around here. I think I might have to make a trip to see how they are doing. Maybe they'll come to me, I don't know. But just the fact that she *thinks* that they are full grown gets to me. THEY ARE NOT FULL GROWN!!!! Shorty isn't even full grown!! And if I brought them back, I think I would almost be shot at the door step. My dad isn't a big cat lover, at least not with the amount of cats we have now. I have to get rid of them, or he'll take them out to a field somewhere and drop them, which, granted, is better than drowning or shooting them as some ppl do, but still. I don't think I could ever forgive someone for doing that to my kitties.
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5-6 months is definitely not full grown! They're kind of at the teenager stage right now - they're certainly not tiny kittens, but they won't be fully mature until they're 1 year old. Please explain to these people that they still need to be fed kitten food until they're one year old. Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, but do the new owners know the kittens need to be spayed/neutered at this age, if that hasn't already been done?
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I hope they aren't full grown at 6 months. If that's the case, Simba is gonna be a VERY small cat, and I've always heard Bangels are fairly large. Simba isn't tiny kitten size, but he's sure not the size of a full grown cat.
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Actually not every Bengal is large. My Loki (3 1/2) is only about 10.3 lbs as of his last Vet visit in June. His brother Bachus however turned into a 14 pounder. It all depends on genetics.
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The bengals I have seen,meet and touched have all been pretty small.
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why would anyone think that a 6 month old kitten is full grown? granted, my Li is about the size of a small adult cat right now...he's pushing 9 pounds and he isn't even 6 months, but still! they should have a little more faith in you.
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Could you introduce the new owners to The Cat Site??? Maybe they could get some help and advice from the members her and have some fun too???
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I don't think they have the net....I'm thinking next week I'm going to have to go and visit them, and see if I can't calm them down, or at least get them to come and be nice. I think maybe she thought that b/c of the size of him, Whiner was full grown and as both of them were born at the same time, they were full grown. I don't know. And Whiner is huge compared to Calico, but that's cuz he's a pushy kitty! And if he wants food, he's gonna get it! At least here he did. Poor kitties.....I hope they are doing better!
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Ok, so apparently I don't give "nice" kitties to ppl. They are nice when I leave home with them! Anyways, to fill in a little: The ppl I gave them to, I work with one, and the other one works in another dept, but they both live together. Last night I was told by a co-worker (in my dept) that this other girl (I'll call her Beth) hates my cats and they are so mean, and they bite all the time etc etc. She was pissed off at me last night when I left, b/c I wouldn't stand there and listen to her complain about how bad my cats were. So this other girl that had to work late last night (I'll call her Jody) phoned me and we got to talking, and she said that Beth said they killed one cat b/c he bit her, and the other one won't come near them. I was so mad at them for doing that! Jody said she wasn't supposed to tell me, but as none of us like Beth, and as Jody and I are friends, of course she's gonna tell me! I couldn't believe it! I mean seriously, if you got moved 40 miles away from home, and everything was different, and you didn't know anybody would you not be a little freaked out? They apparently don't know how to treat cats that are new. They never went down and played with them, or sat on the ground and tried to get them to come around to them or anything! And these cat bites that Beth apparently had were so NOT cat bites! They were big huge scratches (like if you maybe scratched yourself raw if you had an itchy spot, or if you fell off your bike when you were little, and you had a scab form), and they were all over her hand! Not just little marks like cat "bites". Now that I think of it, they had healed awful fast for just being bitten a couple of days ago! And if they bit you that hard, what were you doing to them in the first place??? My cats bite me all the time, especially if they think I have kitty treats, or food, or they are just playing. I have never had one "attack" me and bite me that way! So even though I told Beth's mom (the other one who works in a different dept) that if they ran away she could get more, I am so not taking any more to her. They don't deserve my kitties at all! I am so mad right now at them. And I hope Beth and I never have to work together again!
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Oh gezze!!!! that's just horriable!!!! I would be mad too!!! I had to give my Willow away a few months ago because I had lost my home. When I found out that she wasn't taking it well I took her back. she lived with me in a small bedroom at my grandfathers for about a month and a half but at least she was happy. And I knew she was ok!!! I wouldn't beable to handle that. nope not me.....I would prolly hurt Beth and get the kitties back!!

I feel for ya!!!
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Thanks Willow! I'm sorry I gave them away to them now. I guess live and learn, but damn...can't ppl be nice and think about the poor kitties who have never done anything to anyone????
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Some people just don't think! it's sad yes but nothing can be done about all the stupid people in this world. Yup Live and learn but it's still just horriable how mean and cruel and stupid people can be.
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You need to go to thier house and get the other cat back NOW! They already killed one of the cats and the one that is left is probably horrified because it witnessed its litter mates death! Go get the cat ASAP and give it a nice foster home in your house until you can find someone who will love and train it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Any update on this situation? It is really worrying me
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Originally posted by 22angel
....she said that Beth said they killed one cat b/c he bit her, and the other one won't come near them. I was so mad at them for doing that!................ So even though I told Beth's mom (the other one who works in a different dept) that if they ran away she could get more, I am so not taking any more to her. They don't deserve my kitties at all! I am so mad right now at them. And I hope Beth and I never have to work together again!
Am I reading this right???? They killed one of the cats??? Why don't you go over there and bring back the other kitten while it is still ALIVE?????

I wouldn't be worried about taking any more cats to her. I'd be worried about the other kitten that is still suffering over there!!! It sounds like the only hope for this kitten is for you to bring it back to your home.

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Did they really kill the kitten? What's going on now? I agree with Coco Maui and Russian Blue... you should go get the other cat. And turn them in to animal control or something.
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Have you heard anything more?
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Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to. I've been kind of busy as of late.....

Anyways, I haven't heard anything really. The last I heard from Beth's mom was that the 2nd kitty ran away and won't come near them (for which I can't blame her). I feel so bad for the poor little kitty. And I can't go and get it back b/c I don't know where they live and if I bring back another cat, I'm going to be booted out! I don't know for sure if they actually did kill the one cat, Whiner, as Beth may have just said that(she honestly has some really big mental issues she has to deal with that we are all just finding out about), and Beth's mom never said anything about it. Beth may have just been saying that b/c she knew Jody would phone me and tell me later on. I haven't had a chance to talk to either one...I don't want to talk to Beth anytime soon, and I'm not sure when her mom works again. But, I'll try to see what is going on. I miss my kitties!!!!!

On a good note, though, the other ones that are around are now coming closer to me....I'm thinking because it is colder out, and they know I have food and water and maybe kitty treats, I actually got to pet one today....Yeah for me!

Anyways, thanks for all your concerns, I'll try to post again soon on any news I get.
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