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Can You fly a Helicopter

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Give it a try - it's not as easy as it seems.
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oh boy - i dont think anyone would get out alive if they flew with me!!! ive given up how many times i crashed within about 1 second!
it is rather addictive though
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I got 722 metres...that corner got me.
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I got 803 meters into it. And had much anxiety over crashing the helicopter too.
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I just killed all on board including the pilot!
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banged it in at over 487, I can fly a real airplane as well as the models - does that count at all??

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Woah! This is fun, after six trys 123m is my best so far!
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YES!!!! I just got 190!

Gees This is addictive!
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OMG! I just got 425- Sorry I will shush now!
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bum... any other future pilots???
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I cant do it. My husband is an Apache helicopter pilot in the Army, I'll have to see if he can do it!
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Originally posted by malynn
I cant do it. My husband is an Apache helicopter pilot in the Army, I'll have to see if he can do it!
I think that most people would have a problem with this that are pilots or have flown as P1. I naturally find that I am trying to do things that I would do in an airplane / helicopter and need things like the throttle to be able to control the airplane speed.

You have stated your husband is an apache helicopter pilot - that helicopter is the most murderous and incredible fighting machine that the USA ever built. Has an incredible endurance record as well as the ability to sit tight and hover until its target comes its way and it nails it. Put the apache straight in after the A10's have had a crack and its gonna be an incredible contest... I could talk airplanes all day!
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28m is my record-I either crash or hit the first block
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I did 573. I think I'm gonna get hooked on this game.
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Oh goodness... I think I just crashed with Hissy
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Woohoo 789! (but that was my fifth or so try )
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I just tried it again, and got 684. I'm pretty lousy at games that require co-ordination.
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After I figured out how to do it, my best so far is 532m
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ok I just got 1064m
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I got 1940!

Okay, so I just wanted to see if I could break 2000 and see if there was an end to this thing and I got 5320 now. It just kept going and going. Of course, I ended up crashing in a stupid spot.
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My best for today is 478! Grrrrrrr!
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Oh no, I think we have a few addicts in the group...
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The best I could manage is 306 - and Kahu kept trying to catch it
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Totally addicting !my personal best thus far is 698, but I did learn one thing--DO NOT for any reason click the right mouse button ! It causes an immediate crash into the ground !
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I made it 380 meters, but I think I would make everyone air sick, I couldn't hold the darn thing steady.
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It moves so fast!!!

I'm going to try on a slower computer tonight!
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Hey Hell603, how did you find this link anyways? I went to the "FUN" folder that the game was in and there was some other weird stuff including a fake fat pics of Jennifer Lopez. It wasn't really a web site either, just a directory. Weird.
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