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Is Blue ever coming back?

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I know that Blue would be away for awhile
but I was wondering who knew how things were
going with her?

Just curious, cause I miss her around this place!

:flower: :daisy:
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Swalker, I spoke to Blue yesterday. basically the status is this-

they are now caught up on the computer payments, but at still behind on the cable bill. they owe a big chunck & don't have it to get it turned back on.

she wasn't sure when she was going to be able to get back online at this time.

She'll call me again in the next week or so when she gets a chance & i'll update everyone when I talk to her.
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Thanks for the update AP. Next time you speak with her, will you tell her I was thinking of her and hope all is going well?
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Thanks for the update AP! We sure do miss her around here! Make sure you tell her we are all thinking about her!
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Blue; I miss you, too. I am concerned about something I may have said in passing that could have been miss-interpreted. I am sorry, and never meant to appear calloused or judgemental. I hope that you will get a chance to read this and know that I have always felt that you are a very special individual. Please, be happy and whole. Darlene
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AP, since I don't have the chance to talk to Blue myself, would you please tell her I miss and love her? Thanks!
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