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Thursday DT

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Good Morning everyone! Just thought I'd pop in here for a quick minute or two. I've been so busy with the new job that my internet fun time is limited. I do miss posting & visiting with everyone! Maybe once I get into a routine, I'll be able to hang around her more often.

As for the new job, I swear they're trying to kill me off! The past 3 days were ok, but I'm really dreading today. I work a closing shift (as they call it since this store is open 24/7). I work at 8 and I don't get off until 10 tonight. I'm gonna be a hurtin' unit when I walk in my door tonight! Other than that, things are going good. People are friendly & are welcoming me with open arms. It was more than what I expected.

Well...look at the time! I better get dressed, so I can make it to work on time.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day & hope to chat with you all more sometime soon!
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This is going to be a tough day for me!

I am helping my friend's boyfriend organise a surprise birthday party for her and last night she called me up asking me to go hiking with her today, she said she has a feeling that he will do nothing for her today. Boy is she wrong! Its going to be hard to keep this a secret and I have no idea how I am going to organise the food if I am out hiking with her!!!! I am going to have to get her boyfriend to do it!

That means I am going to have to record CSI and ER tonight

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Eeps, Looks like Shell and I were posting at the same time. Could someone merge them two threads together please?
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Well, it's one more day until Friday!!That means we are leaving for Austin tomorrow! It's good to get out of town for the weekend, only if it's only 3 hours away from home! The best thing about it is...I get off 4 hours earlier tomorrow!!

I am feeling better now...I passed out around 10 finally...my arm is still sore from the shot though. Oh well...have a great day guys! I hope I do...even though I have a lab tonight for geology...
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Hope everyone has a great day! Today I am cleaning house, got another busy weekend ahead of us this weekend and got to get this place cleaned up. Got to go check on a dog that I saw this morning while taking my daughter to school, sleeping on the side of the road, he is a hunting dog and he was sleeping quite a ways off the road, but its a highway and I didnt want to cause him to get into traffic and get hit by stopping when the traffic was so heavy, so I'm gonna wait till about 9 and go back when the traffic has let up some. People around here hunt with dogs for deer every year and we see dogs that look lost and skinny every year around here. He was all curled up in the grass, peeking out, looking kind of lost, so I'm gonna take him food and see if I can approach him. Last year we fed one for months that we couldnt get close too, numerous people had tried to catch him and couldnt get close to him. Its sad.
My daughter has another band competition this weekend, they won 1st place last weekend in their class and brought home 16 trophys! Got to get the house cleaned up before the weekend begins.
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Ugh, today I have an exam in my Ethnicity and Diversity class.

And that's what's consuming my time.

I hope everyone has a better day than I'm going to have (=
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Shell - good luck with the long shift today!

Jillian - good luck with your test.

I have a nasty headache today....having trouble concentrating! I didn't know which of today's daily threads to post in so I posted in the one at the top of the forum. I go see the fertility specialist for the results of all my tests this afternoon, so I am only working 1/2 a day. Hubby is off work with a cold and is a big baby!

Only 3 more hours until I can leave. Hope the doctor doesn't suck any more blood!

Hope everyone has a happy day!
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Good morning! I have to make this quick because I'm getting ready to go to the airport and pick up the new babies!

This morning Carmella keeps standing in front of the computer monitor. I guess I have to make some time to give her some lovin! Peaches was a bit put out last night because Carmella was sleeping in her spot on my bed. So she just laid on the floor by the bed giving me the look. I tell ya... life is never boring with these kitties around!

Gotta go! I'll take pictures later today, when I get Hallie and Jake settled.
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Ummm Kiwi and Malynn do ya check your pms?

Well nada, woke up to door bell ringing a bit early for me
Have a 1pm appt with gyno (ICKY!!!!)

Caprice!! Have fun in my hometown, there should be plenty to do around here, sites and sounds for you to visit and listen to And do eat at the Cheesecake Factory if you haven't, it's absolutely yummy food and the atmosphere is busy and a lot of stores you can visit while walking off those extra calories!!

Jillian, good luck on your exam

MzJazz, can't wait to see pics of your new furbabies!!

Didn't have coffee yesterday, so I'll make up today by having at least one cup. Bout to make me some hamburger helper, for some odd reason I'm craving their stuff even though I hadn't eaten it in a long time LOL!

Hugs to everyone!! Another sunny day and warm
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Kellye! Hope you and your friend have a wonderful day on her birthday. It is sweet her boyfriend want to suprise her.

I have an ouchie head! I jsut took some pain killers so hopefully it will feel better soon!
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I am off again today and I am having a fantastic day! I am sitting here in my pjs playin on the forums. Rocket is with me sitting on my lap waiting for pettings! I'm drinking a cup of coffee for that darn caffiene rush that the doctors say i shouldn't have(why take all the fun out of your life??? LOL!) soon hopefully honey and i will be doing something interesting at least more then sitting at the computers maybe cleaning house?? NAH! it's my day off and I'll clean if I want to(or not!). hope everyone has a happy day!
Kiwideus good luck with the party,maybe you can tell her bf tht you'll be the divirsion so he can get things ready?

Shell, glad you like your job so far.

caprice have fun in Austin, I did when I was there in 95. it was a blast!

malynn did you find the dog again?

Jillian sending A+ thoughts to you today!

adymarie bummer on the headache, take some Aleve it'll help. and good luck today hopefully no more blood drawn but it is close to Halloween when the vampires come out ya know...

mzjazz2u WE WANT PICS LOL!

Jellybelly bummer on the gymo appt but darn it they need to be done.

have a good day all of you!!!!!!!
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I just got back but I need to get these kids settled in! I'll post more in a little bit. Both are doing fine. Hallie is a little nervous though.
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Woke up with a cold (or maybe its just severe allergies?) and lounging at home until I have to go into the office for a meeting. Will come back home and probably go to bed. I'll have to beg the hubby to do cat duty tonight!

Boring day, eh?
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Today is MUFTI day at College!Woohoo!

I'm very excited!

and then after school we're going to the beach for a party type thing and It's expected to rain but it's ever so sunny outside.. we'll see

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
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today may actually be looking a little bit better for me than the last 6 weeks or so worth of days...been trying to rehash the budget to optimize debt paid off while squirreling money into savings, fun, huh? LOL

i work at the dreaded job tonight again...oh well, i'll be done with it in the next 4-6 weeks, depending on how much i can stand.

hope other people's days are going well....
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I swear my boss has multiple personalities! Right before lunch, he and I got in a (minor) yelling match about something (he likes it when people stand up to him). He was angry at other people but took it out on me. 10 minutes later he sits down with us at lunch and starts holding a regular conversation. Am I the only person who when they get mad stays mad for a while? ugh

Tonight I'm getting together with friends to make pierogies We are going to make potato and cheese, saurkraut, and fancy (I got a bottle of minced garlic, olives, peppers, capers and herbs). It should be interesting, considering only one person has experience making them, and he's only made them once!

Have a good rest of the day everyone!
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Today I am in a good mood. I have sold my car, paid off my debts, got my special interest license plates back from the new owner and Survivor is on tonite! That's always something to look forward to.

About to go out to lunch with my co-worker and tomorrow I'm getting my car windows tinted! Woo hay!
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Hi everyone!!!

I worked all night as usual. Since it's pretty quiet during the early part of my shift I took the DVD Slingblade in to watch. I really enjoy watching that film. I think I'll take French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in to watch tonight.

When I got off work, I went to the clinic and got a flu shot. I don't want to get the flu, if I can help it.

It's still super hot here, although today is a bit more comfortable than it has been. However, they're talking about Santa Ana's and temps in the upper 90's for this weekend and next week.
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Well I'm off for the day now, Bye Guys!
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Caprice!! Have fun in my hometown, there should be plenty to do around here, sites and sounds for you to visit and listen to And do eat at the Cheesecake Factory if you haven't, it's absolutely yummy food and the atmosphere is busy and a lot of stores you can visit while walking off those extra calories!!
Jelly, don't have time to do much there...we will be too busy with the State meet, we will be doing rallies all day Saturday along the beautiful hill country! We will be eating at The Oasis on Sunday for lunch. Saturday night, we are having a party at our hotel (Omni Southpark) and then Sunday afternoon we are meeting up with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. We have the Cheesecake Factory here in the Galleria! I love it so much, but it's so expensive, I took my bridesmaids there for the Bridemaids luncheon! They loved it, and so did my credit card company!
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Whew I'm exhausted! All this excitment in one day is too much! If any of you cats haven't seen the homecoming pictures yet, be sure to check them out! And I've added some new ones since the first few. Homecoming of Jake & Hallie

I need to go eat and have some coffee. I just made some as I hadn't had any yet today! Guess I was too excited to remember it this morning! Then in a bit I'm going to take a little cat nap.
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Another long day!I can't wait intill this skateing thing is over!61 room's and only 3 housekeeper's!I am sooooooooooooo tired!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Am intill 3 PM 4 day's in a roll,3 more to go.hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Are we sure that today isn't Monday? From being sworn at, on my very first call, through dealing with mean, rude, obnoxious and downright stupid people, my work day was a thrill a minute. I wasn't the only, though. Comparing notes with my coworkers, today was one of "those" days, for everyone.

Got home and found a summons for jury duty, in Federal District court, for the whole month of December. This means that I'll have to spend my birthday downtown, at the federal courthouse.

On top of everything else, I had to bathe Buddy. He has been a bit runny, today and his butt and back legs were positively drenched in $#!+. I am going to try to get him to a groomer and get his hind end shaved.

BTW: Shell, was your store one of the WalMarts, that was raided? I heard on the news, that they rounded up 250 illegal aliens, at 60 stores. They nailed 8 in Phoenix.
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Popping in to say hello!

Ady... boy am I with you. Had a migraine that began yesterday and am still waiting for it to disappear completely. The only pain relief I've had so far comes from an odd experience. I had an appointment at the dentist and when she froze the area (top left side) my migraine immediately went away. *shrugs* I'm not complaining... that was the best I felt in two weeks. I wonder if I can find enough reasons to go see her every time I get a migraine?

Heading to bed shortly.

Take care everyone!
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I finally had enough money to buy some new sofa and loveseat combo and a new bed. I'm happy.

Now to keep the cats from using them both as scratching posts......

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Im always later posting in these lol
diden't do a whole lot today,just relaxed
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I had a nice afternoon went for a nice swim at the beach, walked up to a mates, and all six of us had a nice HOT spa!

I hope everyone had a nice day!
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Well here goes my first DT post! I am sitting here at work....and I'm sick all I wanna do is crawl into bed and cuddle with my willow and go to sleep. My hubby and I got pictures taken today. Really nice poses and boy Mike looked handsome!! I on the other hand only had 15 mins to do my hair and my makeup so I didn't look all that well My 2 new boys are doing pretty well. One of them has the runs I just don't know which one yet. I am going to have to watch them very closly tomorrow and see if I can figure out if it's Kitman of Blade. I work a 3rd shift so most of my Daily posts are gonna be on the day before. Boy I sure think we need to make a night owl thread since the Spam board gone and that's where I used to chat with everyone. hmmmmm not much else happening right now just fighting to stay awake...sure hope it works other wise I will get in trouble and we all don't want that!!
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Hey.. I'm here!

Sorry to hear you're sick.. Glad the boys are settling in..

I bet they are real cute!

Pop in and say hey back if ya bored!
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