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Spaying After 1st Litter

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One of my son's friends introduced me to their kitten the other day. I talked with her (9yrs old) a bit about her kitty and then asked her if she had been spayed. She replied no, they have to have babies before being fixed or they won't be nice cats.

Okay so now it is time for my lab pup to be spayed and my Mom insists that she should have a litter of pups first. Granted my lab is registered and of great blood lines, but I am NOT a backyard breeder.

My thinking is that I don't want to have unwanted kitties that chances are would in turn not be fixed and have babies upon babies. I am not a lab owner to make money selling puppies. How do you feel about this mentality? It really ticks me off.

Breeders are Breeders, I am not and I have no desire to be. I would rather help the animals that need care than bring more into the world.
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Back Yard Breeding is a huge issue over here in New Zealand and sometimes someone pointing one person in the right direction can make a difference. Could you perhaps explain to her mother about this?

I think all animals should be de sexed unless the owner is a Registered breeder with a responsible fancy.

Breeding just to have a "litter" is careless IMO.

I also think you should explain to your mom about the same thing.

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I don't think that is true. QT was spayed when she was old enough & she is a very NICE cat. I watch her (she's outdoor) & she behaves the same way as any other ordinary cat.
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[quote]Originally posted by Ryelee's Mom
[b] She replied no, they have to have babies before being fixed or they won't be nice cats
This is what I meant by saying I don't think it is true in my previous thread. I agree with WC!
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Ive heard this one before. A lot of people think a cat or a dog has to have a litter before they can get spayed-this is nonsense, Grrrr!
Talk to a vet and they will tell you the same. None of my females have had litter (not the males for that matter) they have not 'missed out' on motherhood - any more than I have! Nor are they better or worse for it.
Pet animals should be spayed/neutered for peace of mind as well as for stray kitty/puppy problems.
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I would print out some info and give it to them. It is MUCH MUCH healthier (and cheaper) to get them fixed before they have a litter.
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One of my RB cats cuddles had a litter and then got spade.. And she was not that nice lol. That is strange reasoning..
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That is an old wife's tale based on people not understanding the maturing process in animals. The belief was (medically) based on the thought that an animal couldn't completely mature without having a litter.

With the horrible problem of overpopulation and 6-10 million healthy animals being killed each year in shelters in the US because there is no one to adopt them, this mentality is not only medically unfounded, but completely irresponsible as well.

Please take a look at underneath the Low Cost Spay/Neuter resources is a section on WHY it is important to spay and neuter all pets, what age to do it, and the benefits to both the owner and animal. There are articles from veterinarians that debunk the medical thought behind it as well. If/when you go to talk to them, come armed with the facts.

Thank you for being responsible with your animals. Hopefully with some education, you can help others be as responsible as you are.
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I hear that at work all the time. I have three co workers that I'd like to smack when they talk about their pets.
one had her kitten stepped on and instead of taking it to the vet, she just fed it milk after it came out of the convulsions it was having.
the other one only likes kittens and when they get oh=lder he gives them to the shelter saying he found them
the other one has way to many pets and their ferret died and they never gave it any vet care that I know of
I'd like to snack them all to see if they have any sense left but sadly I don't think they do. i complain to them all everyday and it goes in one ear and out the other. no I can't call the animal control here, they'd know it was me and retaliate in one way or another.
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This type of mentality and what Barb runs into is prevalent in the world of owning pets. Some people just think it is no big deal for a cat or a dog to have a litter or two. Some want their kids to experience the wonder of a live birth! I tell those people to go rent a video. It is so hard on the cat to have a litter at a young age, and the same goes for the dogs. I wish there were some way to redirect the thinking, but it is such a throw away society that people also put pets up as being disposable. Not all people of course, but a large portion of the backyard breeders do. If you have an animal and you are letting them breed because of this type of thinking, you are a backyard breeder IMO and a LARGE part of the problem. Let the knowledgeable people breed their pets, everyone else including unethical breeders should get their animals fixed!
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I've heard that myth before, and it just infuriates me. The people who believe this myth seem to be unswayed by logical evidence counter to their belief, too.

Do these idiots think that human women who never have children are not nice people?

Every cat I've had (with the exception of an occasional tough to trap feral) has been spayed without ever producing a kitten. Our little porch feral had a single kitten B4 I could trap her to get her spayed, and it made no difference in her personality that I could see.

My Lab mix Beth is a great dog, smart, gentle, loves to mother the cats, and adores puppies, but she's never had a litter - she was spayed at the shelter before I adopted her. The last dog I had was spayed at 5 months of age, and was a wonderful dog, too. My mother used to breed & show English Bulldogs when I was little - she spayed the ones she didn't want to breed, and there was no personality difference b/w the spayed dogs and the breeding dogs, with the exception of protectiveness of the individual dog's pups.
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i have to agree, our German Shepherd, papered up the yin yang was spayed immediately. She has never had a litter, but she has been an excellent mom to orphaned kittens that come here.
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wow...i had no idea that people still believed that old wives tale...what happened to living in an age of knowledge and enlightenment?!!
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That age I'm afraid may never extend to animals.
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It is nice to hear that your dogs mother the kitties, I am hoping ours is going to be gentle. She is still a pup and her and Ryelee are playmates, but hopefully that experience will help her to be gentle with any kitties that might come into my life later on.

I just can't believe people!! I have used these types of incidents to educate my children though. When someone is standing outside a store with a box full of FREE kittens or puppies I always make a point to tell them right in front of the person with the FREEBIES that everyone loves a baby but in a few months when the animal is no longer a baby they lose intrest and the animals either end up dumped (like Ryelee and her litter mates) or taken to a shelter in hopes that some family will take them in and care for them. So at least you know that two more of the population will be educated pet owners.

How many humans have kids and then don't get them proper medical care? Schools require immunizations and Medicaid pays for a lot of those, all right government lets pay for some education for pet owners hehe I can see I am going to become a crusader now.
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Originally posted by RaggieMom
wow...i had no idea that people still believed that old wives tale...what happened to living in an age of knowledge and enlightenment?!!
I thought the same exact thing when I read this! Great minds think alike!
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Yeah,it's hard to believe that some people think this way.
I had a neighbor call me the other day.His wife's mother just moved in with them.She has a female chi and they have several males.The female isn't fixed I guess because she is strictly a housedog.Well,he calls me and tells me the female came into heat and they are having to keep her up.He said they wanted to get her spayed now,but "didn't she need to have a litter of pups first??"
I quickly told him absolutely not,he needs to go ahead and get it done.So hopefully he takes my advice and gets it done.Heck if they will pay for it I would drop off the dog in the morning on my way to school and pick her back up when I get out.There is a vet office right acroos the road from school so it wouldn't be a problem for me.

If I were you I would try to talk to the child's mother.Take some info on it and also take some stats of all the unwanted animals that are euthanized every year.My advice.Go to Petfinder and print off some pages from there.Just seeing the pictures of all those animals that will probably be PTS may be enough to convince her.You never know,she may just need someone to point her in the right direction.
It couldn't hurt and good luck if you decide to.
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