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My Dear Mentos

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Hi everybody, this is my cat Mentos I've posted questions about him vomitting, he is going to the vet on friday for a full diagnostic (X-Ray, Blood Works)

Ain't he a cutie? He is also toilet trained!! He's 4-years old..and what a wonderful 4 years! He's my lone kitty.
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WOW! Mentos is a very very handsome boy. I *LOVE* the two dark lines by his eyes. That is soooo neat.

I've tried toilet training my cats and it isn't working out so far.

Could you pm me with your technique on how you taught mentos?

I hope everything is okay with him and that the vet visit goes well. HE IS HANDSOME!!!!!!!
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what a cutie . This is a great shot of him on the toilet . I hope everything will be ok by the vet with him .
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omg LOL!!! That first picture is too cute for words!!

What an awesome looking cat, I love it! I hope he'll be ok!
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I burst out laughing at the first pic!! at first, it didnt load right away, only the second one did, and then all of a sudden BAM! there he is! lol

I love the toilet shot too. he is a handsome fellow.
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Mentos did not eat the was however for his birthday this year...... Baskin Robbin makes picture cakes. It was weird eating him though after we got him.

He is one sexy cat, I agree totally I think he knows it too, he is a snobby cat.
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Originally posted by Hwangster

"I... am... the... ghost... of... Christmas... Present... -- hear... me..., Ebenezar... Scrooge... !"
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He is such a sweetie!! How do you get him to be toilet trained??
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Mentos! What a great name and a beautiful kitty!

Honestly- Does he use the toilet?

OMG that's amazing!

How fantastic! He's gorgeous! Give him'a scritchin from me!
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All I can say is WOW!: What a hansome boy he is Love the picture of him on the toddy, that is amazing. More pictures please
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I love the picture where his feet are curled under. It just makes me want to hug kitties when they do that. He's a good looking cat, I hope his vet visit goes well.
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poor little kitty - how embarrasing to be caught on the loo!!!!!!!
i wish i could train mine but one is too fat and would not be able to get up even toilet height.
Mentos is a sweetie though.
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Fab pics! Love the 1st! Poor cat is going to be embarrassed that his toilet pic is on the internet!
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What a GORGEOUS BABY!! One of the most beautiful I think I have seen on this site! Smart, too! That is so amazing that he is toilet trained! You must be so proud of him!
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What a handsome cat! His eyes and face are really gorgeous.
I've heard that toilet training cats is possible, but I've sure never seen it. That is just really cool.
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I love all of the pictures. He's adorable. I LOVE the picture with the Santa hat on, the most!
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Awesome pics!
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Great pictures and very handsome boy
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Great pics! What a cutie

Brocken, that is funny for the first pic!
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Mentos is a doll! I hope his check up at the vet is good. Please keep us updated!
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Sooo cute! Mentos must be so well behaved!
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